John McAfee’s Widow Janice Does not Believe her Husband is Alive

John McAfee’s Widow Janice Does not Believe her Husband is Alive

The widow of disgraced tech entrepreneur John McAfee, Janice McAfee says she does not believe the online rumours which say that McAfee is still alive.

On the Rice TVx YouTube channel, McAfee said, “Based off of the information that I have and [that] I have received regarding his death, I don’t believe that he is [alive].”

Moreover, the recent Netflix documentary ‘Running with the Devil’ features John McAfee’s ex-girlfriend, Samantha Herrera who claims that John called her from a Texas hideout.

Janice believes Samantha’s claims to be fake and said, “I don’t want to destroy anyone’s hope of thinking that John may or may not be alive if that helps you sleep better at night or just to have that hope, that’s fine.”

Although she did admit that the best place to hide would be right under someone’s nose, including the U.S. government.

John was found dead in Spanish prison in 2021 of an apparent suicide, right before he was to be extradited to the US for charges of tax evasion. 

Since then, his widow and legal team have been campaigning to have his body released so that an independent autopsy can be performed and he can finally be laid to rest. So far, the campaign has been unsuccessful, and McAfee’s body remains in Spanish custody.

However, Janice says that the Netflix documentary brought the topic to attention and in two months the decision of whether her husband’s body will be released might come.

Janice also made a bold statement when she said that she does not believe her husband committed suicide. She said that when John was found, he was breathing, he had a heartbeat and was found in a manner he said would never be found. 

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