Joan Cornellà’s First-Ever NFT Collection ‘MOAR’

MOAR NFT Collection

The admirers of spanish cartoonist and illustrator Joan Cornellà are highly excited as he is stepping into the NFT realm by dropping his first-ever NFT collection in collaboration with digital and physical collectibles platform FWENCLUB.

The NFT sphere is soon going to witness Joan Cornellà’s masterpieces and the messages he is trying to convey with his ‘MOAR’ NFT collection.

“ The worst is yet to come”
– Joan Cornellà

What is MOAR NFT Collection?

The ‘MOAR NFT Collection’ includes 5555 NFTs of 50 artworks hand drawn by Joan Cornellà himself, employing approximately 180 different attributes. It features Cornellà’s classic male and female characters with their ‘iconic grins’.

The minting will begin on April 7th, at 8 pm HKT/ 8 am EDT.


This NFT collection is a story about “MOAR,” a mansion in the metaverse. It is a building that houses 5,555 creatures who have had their souls minted as NFTs with the ERC721 platform. 

While the rest of the globe is in lockdown due to an alien invasion, guests at the MOAR, including humans, zombies, and cyborgs, coexist happily. MOAR is an interesting home filled with stores, games, and virtual displays.

The official MINT site launched on March 7th with a mini clicking game that allows FWENs from all over the world to work together to build the metaverse with a single click. 

As stated by FWENCLUB, the more times the ‘red NFT’ button was clicked, the higher the metaverse mansion behind Joan Cornellà’s signature character would rise. MOAR is set to debut in the metaverse in November 2022, with a grand opening and virtual exhibition.

Minting Process

74% of the MOAR NFT collection is reserved for the public sale. The public mint will begin with the ‘Diamond Hand Period’. The mint price is 0.5 ETH and the sale is going to last for about 45 minutes. 

There are 1644 NFTs available in DH, hence 40 percent is set aside for public distribution during this time period. Only registered wallets are allowed to participate in the Diamond Hand Period, and each wallet is limited to minting two NFTs.

The NFTs minted during the Diamond Hand Period will be locked up until the reveal day.

User registration for the Dutch Auction ended on April 6th at 12 pm HKT/12am EDT. They had to make sure they had 0.5 ETH plus the gas fees in their wallet for registering successfully.

At 8.45 PM HKT the Dutch Auction will kick-off. The Dutch Auction will last for about 3 hours and the starting price for the auction is 0.5 ETH with the price dropping 0.1 ETH every 45 minutes.

The remaining 60% reserved for public distribution is made up of the 2466 NFTs available for the DA sale, and the NFTs not minted during the DH period will be available for the DA one.

After a 1 hour break the mint for the whitelist slots will begin. 21% of the total distribution is reserved as whitelist spots for the sale. 

The mint price is 30% off of the lowest DA price. The sale will continue for 2 hours and only WL wallets can participate in the mint.

The holders of the ‘People In The Place The Love’ NFT collection by Yusuke Hanai, have 400 whitelist slots reserved for them. FWENCLUB even dropped a brand-new song ‘Put me on your WL’ in response to the overwhelming whitelist requests. 

FWENs were given the chance to use the song to make their own Instagram reels for a chance to be whitelisted. They were also encouraged to utilize any medium to express why they should be given a whitelist spot titled ‘SHOW ME YOUR LOVE’ campaign. 

A total of 50 whitelist places are available for the campaign winners, and each spot can mint a maximum of 2 NFTs. 

Users had to participate in multiple WL contests in FWENCLUB’s official Discord channel to earn a spot. Those who got their slot allocated in the whitelist are not allowed to participate in the Dutch Auction.

Azuki NFT holders will have 11 spaces on the whitelist, while Doodle NFT holders will have ten spots. The whitelist mint will last approximately 2 hours.

After the whitelist mint is finished, there will be an honorable mint event. It’s only for the most deserving members of the FWEN community. It will only happen if there are any remaining WL quotas.

This mint’s mint price is identical to the listed mint price. The event is expected to last roughly for 30 minutes.

The remaining 5% of the entire MOAR NFT collection has been set aside for the FWENCLUB team and John Cornellà.

Road Map

Mini games will be launched for the MOAR community in May 2022 and the community rewards will be revealed in June.

MOAR will enter the metaverse in November 2022 along with a grand opening and virtual exhibition.

The MOAR NFT holders are provided with various benefits such as a raffle ticket airdrop to win a 3D avatar in the metaverse. They will also be given access to Joan Cornellà’s physical and virtual exhibition.

The holders will receive exclusive purchasing rights to Joan Cornellà’s physical & digital artworks including toys, sculptures, paintings, and NFTs.


Moar NFT by Joan Cornellà

The MOAR #1 NFT artwork is of a suited man with a gun who appears frequently throughout Joan Cornellà works, making it the most valuable and sought-after pfp among the 5555 NFTs.

The bidding event commenced today at 12 am HKT on the OpenSea platform, and will end on April 10th, 8pm HKT/ 8 AM EDT.

The winning bidder is going to receive an airdropped token of identical legendary 3D avatar in metaverse, and a painted canvas (H273  x W220mm) from Joan Cornellà.

The profits from this sale will be utilized for MOAR future DAO development.

About the Artist

Joan Cornellà Vázquez was born on January 11, 1981, in Barcelona, Spain. He is a Spanish cartoonist and illustrator noted for his iconic artwork and comics, which features intense black humor.

On the surface, Joan Cornellà’s works appear lighthearted and amusing, with a cheerful palette and generic grins. However, upon closer examination, his artworks reveal a forceful, perceptive, and nuanced satire on the nature of human existence. 

Cornellà goes to the root of the unsettling essence of our times, poking fun at sensitive and taboo themes with a flowing hand and minimum visual hints. 

Joan Cornellà is quite upfront about his work, and is very sensitive when people can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality, or between art and the artist. Cornellà is fascinated by cynicism, a philosophical school of thought founded by Socrates’ followers, yet he does not consider himself to be a cynic.

It should come as no surprise that Joan Cornellà is a vocal opponent of restrictions on people’s freedom of expression. Despite avoiding total bans, he is no stranger to frequent social media site restrictions, and he has lost count of the number of times his artworks have been removed.

Joan is frequently perplexed by these social media platform measures, because he plainly perceives art as works of fiction, whilst others carry the irony to its logical conclusion, become upset, and demand censorship.

Cornellà’s style was influenced by classic designs such as those by Crumb, Clowes, and Michael Kupperman, as well as Pettibon, Michael Ray Charles, and Barbara Kruger, who all indirectly led him to the aesthetic he subsequently established. Joan adores the innocence of old commercials, which includes a plethora of fake grins.

“I started by making silent comics to experiment on social media, which has been instrumental to show my work to a wide audience. Most people know me through the internet, so I owe a lot to this medium.” 

-Joan Cornellà

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