Instagram and X Bans Deekay’s New Era NFT Collection

The collection has also been banned in Australia and blacklisted by Gmail.
Instagram and X Bans Deekay’s New Era NFT Collection

In the unfortunate turn of events, popular social media platforms like Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter) restricted the promotional or related content about Snoop Dogg aka Cozomo de’ Medici, and Deekay’s latest NFT collection “New Era”. 

Apart from social media platforms, Gmail also blacklisted the newsletter related to New Era by citing the warning of a potential scam. The collection also got banned in Australia and restricted by many governments. However, Instagram has reshared a story that it banned after Snoop Dogg “applied for review” 2 times.

New Era depicts the cartoon animation in the GIF by Deekay with a mint price of 0.01ETH (around $18). 

In the animation, Snoop Dogg is depicted running with the flag with cryptocurrency symbols carved on it on the Federal Reserve Building, which he raises in parallel to the U.S. flag at the end of the animation.    

The New Era collection celebrates the value of cryptocurrency embraced by the U.S. government and the flag represents unity. However, the message linked to the NFT might be misunderstood by governments and social media platforms, or clearly, it could be their hate against digital assets. 

The NFT art is curated by renowned digital artist Deekay in partnership with top-notch crypto exchange Coinbase and launched on the newly inaugurated Base Chain. The collection is open for 24 hours only with open-edition. 

New Era collection received a huge response from the community as the server got crashed within a few hours just after launch. As of now, in total more than 54,000 New Era NFTs have already been minted so far. 

It appears that both governmental bodies and private institutions are inclined towards stifling the growth of the crypto community due to concerns about losing their grip on financial control. Despite the absence of definitive regulatory frameworks for digital assets, the unwarranted targeting of digital endeavors seems unjustifiable. 

Nevertheless, this has triggered a robust response from the community, as they’ve taken to engaging key figures in government and federal spheres, such as SEC chairman Gary Gensler, who has a track record of adversarial stances towards crypto innovations.

However, such suppression and unethical action from governments make the voice for decentralization stronger.

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