Infura to Develop a Decentralized Infrastructure Network

Infura believes that this upcoming network can prevent the centralization of Web3.
Infura to Develop a Decentralized Infrastructure Network

At the ETHBerlin hackathon, the Ethereum engineering firm Infura announced the launch of an upcoming decentralized infrastructure network in the first half of 2023.

The working title of the network is “Decentralized Infrastructure Network.” The firm believes that this protocol will “strengthen the foundation of Web3, ensuring that billions of future users can access the information & services they need.”

Infura provides the backend for Web3 companies to launch their products, thus allowing them to connect to blockchains without having to run their own nodes.

However, as the firm onboards more companies onto its protocol, Web3 as a whole becomes more centralized.

In 2019, Infura said that decentralization can be achieved if every person ran their own node. An alternate solution could be the company’s upcoming decentralized infrastructure network.

E.G. Galano, the founder of Infura said, “Today we’re announcing an important evolution that aims to underscore these values and affirm our commitment to being the world’s leading blockchain development suite for Ethereum and other networks. A Decentralized Infrastructure Network was always an inevitable part of our future.”

Infura is currently engineering the protocol (or code) that will underpin the network. It has also launched an early access program for Web3 infrastructure providers to join the firm to develop the network.

Infura is developed by the Web3 API provider, ConsenSys. Joseph Lubin, CEO of ConsenSys said, “Decentralization has always been the overarching goal of ConsenSys. Now that we are seeing natural product market fit, our product teams are decentralizing what we do and how we do it. A Decentralized Infrastructure Network via Infura is the natural continuation of that goal.”

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