Immutable Delays $67M IMX Token Release to July 2024

Immutable’s delay signals unwavering dedication to long-term success in web3 gaming.
Immutable Delays $67M IMX Token Release to July 2024

A prominent web3 gaming platform, Immutable’s developer, is delaying the release of $67 million worth of 125 million IMX tokens on Ethereum until July 2024 to ensure long-term project success, with a gradual monthly release for stability.

Immutable has funded over 200 games and has a four-year financial buffer for its 270 staff. About 52% of their 2 billion tokens are reserved for project and ecosystem development.

Their future plans include launching the zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) and cross-rollup liquidity. They’re also set to release new blockchain games, believing these will impact web3 and blockchain adoption more than just crypto exchanges.

This strategic move by Immutable demonstrates their commitment to long-term viability, ensuring steady growth and development within the web3 gaming space, making them well-positioned for a promising future.

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