HyperPlay Secures $12M Funding for Web3 Game Platform

HyperPlay Secures $12M Funding for Web3 Game Platform

HyperPlay, a cutting-edge platform for Web3-native games, has recently secured a significant boost in funding through a successful Series A round. HyperPlay raised $12 million in the funding round. 

The funding round was co-led by esteemed entities in the gaming industry, namely Griffin Gaming Partners and Bitkraft Ventures. Notably, ConsenSys, a prominent Ethereum software studio, also participated in this funding round.

The inception of this startup took place in November of the previous year, emerging as a collaborative effort between ConsenSys, the parent company of MetaMask, and Game7, a dynamic DAO with a strong focus on gaming. The mastermind behind this venture, known by the pseudonym JacobC.eth, brings valuable experience to the table as a former operations lead at MetaMask. 

Pierre Planche, a partner at Griffin Gaming Partners, expressed his thoughts, saying, “HyperPlay ensures there is a home for open and developer-friendly games, encouraging technical innovation in games and accruing more value to developers versus traditional constructs.” 

HyperPlay focuses on Web3 games that leverage the power of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and crypto tokens, providing access to open economies. The platform boasts a curated selection of Web3 games, including popular titles such as The Sandbox, The Bornless, Phantom Galaxies, and DeFi Kingdoms. 

JacobC.eth, the founder of HyperPlay, said, “Since announcing HyperPlay in November of last year, we’ve been focused on building a platform that empowers both developers and users to navigate the Web3 gaming realm effortlessly.”

Although HyperPlay provides game support for all chains compatible with MetaMask, they have hinted at introducing unique functionalities exclusively designed for Mantle L2, Ethereum scaling solution.

In addition to its primary focus on Web3 games, the HyperPlay launcher goes beyond that by consolidating listings from established digital stores like Epic Games and Good Old Games. This comprehensive approach positions it as a convenient all-in-one solution for PCs.

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