How to Buy Wall Street Memes $WSM Token

How to Buy Wall Street Memes $WSM Token

The most asked question whenever a cryptocurrency skyrockets is how to buy it. With the memecoins in trend every one is trying to invest in them to earn money in a short time. Right now, Wall Street Memes $WSM is talk of the town.

With the ongoing marketing by team and continues community engagement has brought this memecoin in every opportunistic crypto investors radar. If you are also looking for easy money opportunity, its a no brainer to invest in.

TLDR, You want to know how to buy $WSM token, so here is your step by step guide.

Get Your Crypto Wallet Ready

The first rule of cryptocurrency is you own it, you are responsible for it. So the first thing you need is a secured crypto wallet. As a free advice, we recommend you use a hardware wallet, or atleast an non custodial wallet. You can check out this article on how to create a metamask wallet, and if you already have an wallet you can skip to the next part.

Fund Your Crypt Wallet

Right now $WSM is available for trade in only two pairs, $WSM/ETH and $WSM/USDT.

So  its obvious that you need funds in any of this token. Also rember $WSM is on ethereum chain, so you also need some small amount of ETH in your wallet to pay the gas fees.

Visit The Wall Street Memes Coin Website

Once you have funded your crypto wallet with ETH or USDT, you need to visit the Wall Street Memes Coin website to purchase WSM tokens. There you will see a box to swap tokens. They also have a option to by using care cards powered by Web3 Payments.

Wall Street Memes Coin Website

Connect Your Wallet To The Website

On the Wall Street Memes Coin website, you will need to connect your crypto wallet. This will allow you to purchase WSM tokens and claim your tokens.

Connect Your Wallet to buy WSM Token

Buy $WSM Tokens

Once you have connected your wallet, you can enter the amount of ETH or USDT you want to spend on WSM tokens and click the “Buy” button. 

Buy $WSM Token

Claim Your Token

Claiming is live on the Wall Street Memes website using the same wallet you used to contribute. You just have to click claim now and tokens are yours

Please note: Wall Street Memes has recently been listed on crypto exchanges such as OKX,, CoinW, MEXC, LBank and more. You can also log on to this exchanges and buy $WSM on them.

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This Article is for information purpose only and should not be taken as an investment advice. Do your own research before making any investment in cryptocurrencies.

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