How To Buy NFT on SuperRare

Every crypto lover wants to collect NFTs from famous artists and collections. Among the various NFTs platforms, it could be an ordeal for one to choose the right place. If you are one of these enthusiasts and don’t know which is the right place to collect your first NFT then this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss one of the finest NFT platforms ‘SuperRare’.

What is SuperRare?

SuperRare is one of the leading NFT marketplaces, where you can buy and sell digital artworks and these digital artworks are created by well-known artists. SuperRare is a new way to interact with artworks in the digital world, as here only 1/1 edition NFTs are dropped.

First of all understand that SuperRare is a digital artwork platform, not a crypto exchange platform. So, all you need to connect with this platform is a digital wallet or crypto wallet to store your collected NFT. There are many different ranges of crypto wallets available in the market and you can choose your wallet according to your need. Here you can also learn about different types of crypto wallets.

Keep in Mind

All the NFTs platforms, Crypto Exchanges, and Crypto wallets are built on blockchain technology, which is simply a complex network invented through algorithms. The purpose behind this revolutionary technology is to overcome the loopholes present in the centralized system. But, because there is no authority to watch over, there might be a chance of a scam, fraud, or hack. I’m not scaring you, but it’s better to stay aware sometimes by calculating risk.

For the safer side, it is necessary to educate yourself before you make any transactions. Here, I am mentioning some points to avoid some mishaps.

  • Before any purchase, Clear cache memory from your device or desktop.
  • Keep eye on the crypto scams such as phishing emails, Trading Bot scams, and fake tweets about NFTs Giveaways
  • Keep your identity secret on Blockchain
  • Don’t store any digital copy of your private key, public key, or any transactions 

Now, In the next few steps, you will learn the procedure to collect your first NFT on SuperRare. There are two ways through which you can buy NFTs on SuperRare depending on how the seller has listed them. Follow these simple steps and let us know if you face any problems with your login.

First, you need to Connect your wallet with SuperRare?

  • Just, go to the SuperRare Website and click on the Sign In option.
  • It will prompt you to the different crypto wallet options such as Metamask, Fortmatic, and Wallet Connect.
  • Select on your wallet option which you want to link with SuperRare.
  • If you are a first time user, then it will ask you to create a new account.
  • Fill in the details.
  • Congratulations, You have successfully signed in on SuperRare.

Method 1: Dicrectly Buy NFTs

  • To explore different NFTs, Click on the Market tab on the homepage.
  • It will direct you to the page, where you can see different NFTs collections.
  • Now decide the NFT that you want to buy and click on it.
  • Check out all the details of the NFT and Click on “Buy Now”.
  • You will receive the payment request on the crypto wallet.

(Note that on your crypto wallet, you will receive the payment request of the total amount including gas fees. You can set lower, medium, and higher Gas fees.)

  • Click on the confirm.
  • After the successful transaction, you can see the acquired NFT on the Profile option.

Method 2: Make an Offer to NFTs

You can also place an offer to the seller to collect NFT. The most famous and valuable NFTs are mostly sold through auctions, in which different buyers place a bid for the same NFTs, and at the end of the auction, the seller decides the buyer. Most of the time a high price buyer wins that auction.

To make an offer, please Go to the Market option and set the filter to “Ending soon”.

  • Select your NFT, which you want to collect, and Click on it.
  • Check out the details of the NFT and click on “Place a Bid”.
  • It will ask you to enter the “Current Bid” amount. Remember that your bidding amount should be larger than the last Bid.
  • After the completion of the transaction, wait until the auction ends. If the seller accepts your offer, the NFT will appear in your Collection.


In the crypto world, Your choice of the right platform plays a vital role. While choosing an adequate platform for NFTs collection, It could be difficult for one to find out a platform, which can give them an edge-on other platform. SuperRare is the best platform for beginners as well as serious crypto lovers as it gives you immense benefits such as verified NFT drops, 1/1 NFT collection from famous artists, and many more. 

I hope this article helps you to end the search for your first NFT marketplace and also, you can give me your suggestions and review this article through comments, it will help me to improve and enhance my writing skills.

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