How to BUY Bitcoin on Coinbase?

How to BUY Bitcoin on Coinbase?

Coinbase is a leading USA-based Crypto exchange Platform, which allows you to exchange different cryptocurrencies across the globe. It also allows you to Buy, store and trade different cryptocurrency products, which Include prominent cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum too. 

The company has 43 million verified users, 7,000 institutions and 115, 000 ecosystem partners around 100 Countries. Coinbase also assures your security through various verification processes. Coinbase Platform is easy to use and reliable for trading. In 2020, Coinbase’s revenue was around $1.14 billion.

You can either Download Coinbase App for Android/IOS or You can search Coinbase Website through your browser to Sign in to a new account if you are a new user. After this, you can follow the below steps to create a new account. 

1. Sign-Up into Coinbase

Step 1: Click on the Sign-Up.

Step 2: It will ask to fill in some details such as a Full name, Email address, Password, and State. Please Enter these details accurately. If you have any Referral Code or Promo Code then you can enter it on this page.

How to BUY Bitcoin on Coinbase?

Step 3: Read the User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Step 4: After that check on the box and click on Create Account (Computer) or Tap Sign up (Mobile) if you agree with the Terms and conditions.

Step 5: Coinbase will send you the Verification Mail on your registered mail ID.

2. Email Verification

  • Select Verify Email Address in the Email which you received from

How to BUY Bitcoin on Coinbase?

After that, it will take you back to your Coinbase home page, where it will again ask you to login into your account. Please Enter the Email ID and Password which you entered earlier.

3. Phone number Verification

  • After successful email verification, Coinbase will ask you to add a number.
  • Choose your Country and Enter the Mobile Number.
  • Click on Continue.
  • You will receive the 7 Digit Code on your Register Number by SMS. Enter this Code Click on Submit or Continue.
  • In case you don’t receive any Code from Coinbase, Click on Resend SMS.

4. Add Your Personal Details

  • Enter your Personal Details carefully as per your Government-Issued Document.  ( ID Photo will be asked by Coinbase). In your Personal Details, It will ask for First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and your Address. (This all details should be same as your Government ID)

How to BUY Bitcoin on Coinbase?

  • After submitting these details, Click on Continue. Here, Coinbase will ask you some questions such as a
  • What is your source of funds?
  • Current Occupation
  • Employer
  • Last 4 digits of the SSN
  • What do you use Coinbase for?

Click on ‘Continue’ the Finish Process.

After completion of this process, Please wait for the next Instruction which you will get by Email. Also, you can check in your Privacy Policy that how can you set 2 step verification.

5.How To Verify Your Identity?

To set up identity verification you need to sign in to your coinbase account and then complete your ID verification using your Government approved ID. Here, it will ask you for some details, Your Documents photo, and Your Selfie. Please take a photo as it shows clear details and your face too.

How to BUY Bitcoin on Coinbase?

How to BUY Bitcoin on Coinbase?

To enhance your Security against unauthorized account use, you can set up 2-step verification. For this setup, you need an app that supports Time Based Time Password (TOTP). Some Apps which we recommend you are here: Google Authenticator, DUO Mobile, Microsoft Authenticator. 

In this App, it will show Two options to receive your 2FA codes. Either you can receive it on the Authenticator App or via SMS.

Generally, 2FA protects you from sign-in attempts from an unrecognized device or sending crypto out of your coin base account.

After you successfully verify your account  You can connect your bank account, debit card, or credit card to purchase and sell digital currency with local currency.

How to BUY Bitcoin on Coinbase?

6.How to BUY Bitcoin?

In the next few steps, we will know that how to buy any cryptocurrency on Coinbase.

  • Firstly, Check different crypto assets and decide which crypto asset you want to invest in. Let’s assume if we want to buy bitcoin then select it.
  • Select the volume which you want to buy. Remember that you will only buy some portion of bitcoin so it can be $1.99 or any other single-digit too (greater than the Minimum value).

How to BUY Bitcoin on Coinbase?

  • Now select on ‘Preview Buy’ and Check your order first. Note Coinbase takes a percentage of the purchase, so if you’re aiming to buy $5, it’ll take about a 99 cent cut of the transaction. If you’re buying $500 worth of bitcoin, it’ll charge about $7.34.
  • Finally Press “Buy now”.

You can trade through this Bitcoin instantly. But you must wait for the next 8 days to sell it.

How To Contact Coinbase?

You can either call on 00 1 888-908-7930 or you can raise your issue through Coinbase Help center, Where Coinbase will revert back to you via email.

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