Hodlgoddess: Tracing eclectic Artistry through her Boundless Creativity

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As we celebrate the International Women’s day this year and feature an artist who has introduced her artistic geniuses to the world of NFT with her rather phenomenal works, we surely can’t miss out on Hodlgoddess.

Belle, who is professionally known as Hodlgoddess is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist who has taken the NFT world by storm with her rather wide-ranging works.

Hailing from the Eastern region of Nigeria, she spent her early childhood years in Lagos. Her perfect childhood crumbled when(at the age of 9) she witnessed a violent scene inflicted on her mother by her physically abusive father.

Her early teenage years were difficult, however, she found a loving father again when her mother decided to get remarried. She now feels blessed to have a loving family who has supported her throughout her tough days. 

Hodlgoddess forayed into the NFT space at the young age of 19 to support her family when her mother was diagnosed with arthritis. In an earnest attempt to help with her mother’s treatment, she became a middleman in different peer to peer cryptocurrency transactions. But things went haywire, when she got directly involved in a scam of $10000 worth of BTC because she was the middleman.

After being put behind the bars, she (along with her family) were released under the condition of paying back the huge amount. Yet another impossible feat!

Notwithstanding the crisis, she didn’t succumb to spirit-wrenching times! 

Having found an undying ray of hope in the NFTs when she couldn’t afford to buy any cryptos to hold.

Crypto space has always interested Belle. However, without a phone it was difficult for her to learn and explore more of this space.

When Covid hit her country in 2020, she had to go back home. In the six months of her lockdown, she got involved in learning more about cryptos. 

By her own confession, Belle constantly fought to be seen in this space. But her willingness to learn, experiment and create has helped her to make a name for herself.

Today as a 20 year old artist, she is at the stage of growth and has overcome many challenges and her seatbelt is fastened tightly to take up new challenges. There is no backing down for her as her creativity is ascending to a new level everyday!! 

Galaxy of the Fiery gods

Her first-hand experience with NFT space was when she minted her first NFT ‘Galaxy of the fearing Gods’ on Rarible on 2nd July 2021.  She has many other NFTs on Rarible out of which most of them remain unavailable for sale.

The Art of Evolution

The Aesthetic Value of Patterns
The Aesthetic Value of Patterns

The Art of Evolution offers 68 NFTs. This comprehensive collection traces the journey of art and the world itself. The Art of Evolution explores concepts that are eclectic. Even so these concepts root from a focal point and thus, an ode to boundless creativity which means there is no end to creation or to human creativity.

Thus, the artist soars through the realm of cosmos, nature, mythology, spirituality, and her own Igbo heritage. The artworks are thus a portrayal of many other concepts including aesthetics, medieval history, even Biblical themes.

Besides Nature’s secret, a detailed painting was fully painted by the artist on her phone using the ArtRage Vitae application and all the intricate details were done by her without using any pen.(yep,!!)

Curated Collages

Curated Collages

A collection of 88 curated items on the Polygon Blockchain exclusively available on Opensea. The collages are created by curating her original photos and art works. 

Thus, the Collection of curated collages on the POLYGON/MATIC Mainnet with near zero Minting fees and near zero fees when you buy too. This makes it easier for me and I hope it does for the community too.

Art of Appreciation

Happy 2022
Happy 2022

As the name suggests, Art of Appreciation is rather a token of gratitude, blissful, love. With a heart filled with love and utmost gratitude I present this to you. Thank you for believing in me when no one else did. Thank you for your encouragement and support. A beautiful year full of love, peace, productivity, colour, fun, creativity and grace awaits you and your loved ones.

The NFT is thus a hopeful souvenir for the new year 2022.

A Product of my Environment

A Product of my Environment collection is a NFT collection that comprises two NFTs, both of them being street photography. The monochrome photography is a representation of ‘common people’ and everyday scenes from the artist’s environment.

Art of Belle

The Art of Belle as an NFT collection encapsulates the concept of Art of Beauty. With bright red, blue and ochre shades, the collection reminisces one of the beauty that captures your attention and never really goes off your mind! 

Crayon Fantasies by Belle

The NFT collection has two NFTs and they are crayon paintings by Belle. These artworks are an illustration of solace buried away from the eyes of others. More ‘fantasies’ will be added to this collection in due time.

Many of her NFTs are also available on other platforms like, Objkt, Paras, Showtime and Kalamint.

Motifs and Style

The goddess of creation, Hodlgoddess has made her NFTs a personified thought process. And that is why, she has explored multidisciplinary concepts with ‘boundless creativity’. 

Thus, the last touch on every artpiece becomes the starting point for the next one as her own philosophy says that every artwork becomes the foundation for another artwork. 

This forms the reason behind a sense of continuity and a sense of variation in the process of creation. While her creativity is the canvas for her artwork, her thoughts also find their way into the photographs that she captures. The blacks and whites of photographs become the eyes for her observation of the environment.

Hodlgoddess is a role model for youngsters especially women who want to give their first shot but don’t know where to start from. She lives by the rule that the first step is the most difficult one but an absolute essential one and takes a lot of courage . 

The courage to be your true self in space in the ever changing standards of the world. In a world that keeps catering to trends, be the person to set one !! And Hodlgoddess has been the flagbearer of creation and inspiration.

Bow down to her grace!!

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