Hacked Twitter Account of Actor Will Sasso Promotes ADA Giveaway

Hackers Promoting Scams From Will Sassos Twitter Account Website

Hollywood actor Will Sasso’s Twitter account is the latest victim of a hack event where the scammers used his account to promote a 100M ADA giveaway. This is the most recent in a string of Twitter account hacks aimed at promoting ADA and XRP fraudulent giveaways.

Several adjustments were made to Sasso’s Twitter account in an effort to mimic those made by Cardano co-founder Charles Hoskinson. The account has retweeted multiple tweets from the IOHK and Cardano Foundation accounts to make it seem genuine.

As of now, the official account hasn’t announced any kind of giveaways so Twitter users should be aware of any unusual activity and refrain themselves from clicking any links.

Just last week, the hacked Twitter account of Oman’s Indian Embassy was used to promote the XRP giveaway. Two days before the incident, Indian crypto exchange CoinDCX’s Twitter account got compromised to promote another XRP giveaway.

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