Gucci Cosmos Is Bridging Its Legacy With Turning Tech

Gucci Cosmos also includes a check suit created by Giannini and floral clothing that can be worn by anyone, designed by Michele.
Gucci Cosmos is Bridging Its Legacy with Turning Tech

Gucci Cosmos is an artistic project that pays tribute to Gucci’s iconic designs which aims to create strong emotional reactions by combining traditional visual illusions that used to amaze people during Gucci’s early days with modern immersive experiences technology that evokes a sense of wonder in today’s tech-savvy generation.

Devlin, who was introduced to the metaverse by experiencing it through the eyes of her 13 year old son, “he lived on Fortnite during the pandemic,” she said—views it as “another way of framing the universe.”

The digital collection features various fashion designs, including Ford’s 1996 red velvet outfit, which was unique because it was meant to be worn by both men and women. 

The Gucci Cosmos exhibition starts with a recreated elevator experience. Visitors feel like they’re going up the Savoy Hotel’s seven floors through video screens and mirrors that create the illusion of movement. The experience also has a soundtrack that tells a story. 

It also includes a check suit created by Giannini and floral clothing that can be worn by anyone, designed by Michele. One of these floral designs was part of his 2022 “Twinsburg” fashion show, which was inspired by the concept of “Two” and featured 68 pairs of identical twins as models.

Devlin explained how they made this experience using a technique called projection mapping with the help of a digital technology company called Disguise. First, they used Lidar scanning to create detailed 3D scans of the fashion figures. 

Devlin pointed out that “magic wears off on humans, so we’re always looking for new magic.”

Then, they used software called Rhino to shape and mold these digital designs. After that, they transformed these designs into physical clothing, which was scanned again and projected back onto the figures for the final presentation.

The captivating “Zoetrope” experience in the Cosmos exhibit features a circular room with screens continuously playing a video of a horse running, accompanied by the sound of hooves and a rhythmic narration.

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