Glow Token CEO Sues After Losing $250K & His Home

Glow token CEO says he was scammed by the imposters of due to lack of security measures of the exchange.
Glow Token CEO Sues After Losing $250K & His Home

A cryptocurrency startup, Glow Token LLC, is taking legal action by filing a lawsuit against in Florida court. A lawsuit has been filed accusing one of the largest exchanges of breach of contract and demanding more than $250,000 in damages.

Earlier this year, people pretending to be employees of contacted the CEO of Glow Token, Bryan Lawrence, for listing Glow’s cryptocurrency, FLARE, on the exchange, as mentioned in the court documents. 

Lawrence transferred the funds to an account that he thought belonged to after months of alleged negotiations and document exchanges. In March, officials informed him that the criminals had scammed him. told Lawrence to stop making this claim because has no record of a listing agreement with Glow Token. However, Glow Token accuses of enabling the fraud due to lack of security protocols.

In the lawsuit, he said, “I conducted my due diligence and directly verified every step with”  He also said, “This included checking the listing link on their website, reviewing all received emails, confirming all the contact information I was provided, accessing the communication platform required by the listing agent, examining the actual listing contract, and all the details [were] verified by multiple representatives from”

The online chat between him and representatives has been restricted citing “investigation purposes”. However, he had saved these chats as a precautionary measure for any future verification processes.  

As a legal remedy, he asks the legal amount, which includes the $250,000 and one bitcoin valued at $23,000 at that time, that was sent to scammers.

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