Gemini UK Charts New Course with TRUST-Only Crypto Transfers

The exchange will soon route Bitcoin and its crypto kin solely to and from TRUST-crtified companions.
Gemini's CTO Pravjit Tiwana Exits Amid Employment Challenges

In a bold move set for November 17, Gemini’s UK arm ushers in a new era of crypto compliance. With a laser focus on the Travel Rule, it now gates its transfers through the Travel Rule Universal Solution Technology (TRUST) network. This leap forward in transparency pioneers a safeguarded future for digital currency dealings.

Gemini’s latest strategy turns the page to a chapter where transparency reigns supreme. The exchange will soon route Bitcoin and its crypto kin solely to and from TRUST-certified companions. The curated circle of 58 spans stalwarts like Coinbase and emerging entities alike. Thus, this shift marks Gemini’s stride into an era where clarity in crypto transactions is vital.

Starting in December, the gates tighten further. Incoming digital funds from non-TRUST entities will face the cold shoulder, potentially freezing out or limiting the unaligned. Gemini’s stance is clear-cut: walk in step with TRUST, or stand aside.

Besides its TRUST alliance, Gemini doesn’t miss a beat with the UK’s regulatory rhythms. The nation’s move towards defined digital asset directives finds a partner in Gemini. Recent legislative choreography has law enforcement waltzing with powers to seize suspect crypto assets. Hence, Gemini syncs with the beat, mirroring the UK’s moves with internal realignments.

Moreover, this regulatory two-step follows the departure of Pravjit Tiwana, Gemini’s tech-savvy CTO. His curtain call comes amidst the exchange’s strategic shuffle to stay in regulatory tempo.

Significantly, Gemini’s TRUST-centered pivot mirrors the maturing market’s march towards greater transparency. It cements a reputation as a compliance crusader. Gemini’s embrace of TRUST is a beacon for an industry inching towards integrity, marking a milestone in the crypto cosmos where trust is foundational.

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