FTX Wallet Sent Over $33M of SOL To Exchanges In 24 Hours

The FTX team has been actively transferring assets to crypto exchanges since last month after the court approval.
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The wallet controlled by FTX Estate has transferred more than $33 million worth of SOL to crypto exchanges in the past 24 hours.

According to PeckShield, a blockchain security researcher, the FTX-labeled address has sent nearly 850 Solana (SOL) in three consecutive transactions to Binance, Wintermute, and one unidentified address in the past 24 hours.

The wallet address first sent 300k SOL to Binance, followed by a 250k SOL transaction to Wintermute. Hours later, it transferred another 300k SOL to an unknown address.

The wallet labeled “FTX Cold Storage #2” now remains with a balance of roughly 971 SOL. It also received nearly 326 SOL from the Bitfinnex exchange in between the transactions.

Recently, the liquidation team behind FTX and Alameda has been actively transferring crypto assets to exchanges since last month following a court approval order to sell FTX assets while collecting funds to pay back its creditors.

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