FTX & Alameda Wallets Sent More $13.1M of Assets To Exchanges

Since court’s liquidation approval, FTX has deposited approximately $83.6 million of assets to exchanges.
FTX & Alameda Wallets Sent More $13.1M of Assets To Exchanges

The bankrupt crypto exchange FTX and its sister company Alameda wallets have deposited more than $13 million of crypto assets to crypto exchanges.

Onchain analyst, Spotonchain reported that crypto wallets linked to FTX exchange and Alameda Research have transferred assets to Binance and Coinbase exchange on November 1.

The transactions consist of ERC-20 assets including GRT, RNDR, MKR, AAVE, ALICE, AXS, DYDX, ZRX and C98. All these assets were sent in two transaction batches of $8.12 million and $5.49 million.

The movement of funds has come forward since the past month following a court order allowing gradual liquidation of both these firms’ assets. 

On September 13, Court permitted a proposal for FTX to sell its $3.2 billion of assets through an investment advisor. The approval included a weekly limitation of $50 million with the limit increasing over time. 

According to Spotonchain, FTX has deposited a total of approximately $83.6 million worth of assets to exchanges since the liquidation approval.

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