FluideFi Gains Time And Cuts Costs With Google Clouds AlloyDB

FluideFi Gains Time and Cuts Costs with Google Clouds AlloyDB

FluideFi, a cryptocurrency lending and borrowing platform, has improved performance and reduced costs by migrating its database from Amazon Aurora to Google Cloud’s AlloyDB.

AlloyDB is a fully-managed, PostgreSQL-compatible database service that offers high performance and scalability at a lower cost than traditional relational databases.

After migrating to AlloyDB, FluideFi saw a 3x improvement in performance and a 60% reduction in cost for a similar instance size.

In addition to the performance and cost benefits, FluideFi also found that AlloyDB was easier to manage than Aurora. AlloyDB is a fully-managed service, which means that Google Cloud handles all of the tasks associated with database management, such as backups, updates, and security. This freed up FluideFi’s engineering team to focus on other tasks.

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