Floki Sent 15.8B Tokens To DWF Lab Linked Binance Address

floki inu

While the community is accusing DWF Labs of market manipulation, the independent reporter on X, Wu Blockchain, highlighted the transfer of 15.8 billion FLOKI tokens on the same Binance address, which is used “many times” for DWF labs.

According to Wu Blockchain, Floki made this transaction through its new address (0xbD…c630) at 16:22 on Binace’s address (0x10 …4e59). On this same Binance address, DWF Labs made many transactions for tokens, including BLZ, DODO, ID, etc. 

DWF Labs has captured the attention of the community due to the sudden rise in its on-chain activity and massive token transactions involving FRONT and BLZ. DWF Labs has been making a series of massive deposits and withdrawals from its wallets.

However, The co-founder of DWF Labs, Andrei Grachev, denied allegations that the firm was involved in market manipulation. 

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