Feud Between Binance and WazirX to Affect Users

Feud Between Binance and WazirX to Affect Users

Those who are going to suffer the most in the ongoing feud between crypto exchanges Binance and WazirX are the users themselves. Yesterday, the Indian ED froze bank assets worth Rs 64.67 crore of WazirX with Binance CEO CZ asking the WazirX investors to transfer their funds to Binance.

As the Twitter fight between CZ and WazirX founder Nischal Shetty continues, CZ, the Binance CEO took a dig at Shetty asking him to stop playing “deception wording games.”

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Among all this uncertainty and blame game between Binance and WazirX what will happen to the user funds that are on WazirX? If CZ and Shetty don’t end their squabble quickly and come to a conclusion, the user funds will remain in an ambiguous condition.

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