Federico Clapis Reveals Himself to be Mysterious NFT Artist Pak

Considering Federico Clapis’ controversial revelation, both Pak and Clapis have striking similarities in how they present themselves in the community.
Federico Clapis claims to be NFT artist PAK

The most bizarre NFT artist of our time, PAK, has revealed “its” real identity. Federico Calpis is presumably one of the names behind Pak, whose controversial personality is speculated as an individual or a team, we can’t really say.

Federico Clapis, a digital artist using his Twitter id, claimed to be Pak. Many even believe it to be true, as both Pak and Clapis have strikingly similar ways when it comes to showcasing their creations.

Following the tweets, news reports started to surface, and one of them was retweeted by Pak..

NFT collectors can’t get enough of Pak’s inventive NFT creations for what they are. Pak’s fanbase has even lifted him to the top echelon in the list of most expensive NFTs ever sold

His most recent projects, LostPoets, and the Merge project have raised over 200 million dollars altogether, which is a remarkable feat in the NFT space.

Keeping money aside, what these two projects achieved was a loyal and dedicated community whose immense support outlived the NFT projects themselves. LostPoets had sold a total of 65536 NFTs in one day, while Merge had been the most impactful NFT project, as it sold over 25,000 mass, or m tokens.

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Who is PAK?

PAK is a programmer, digital artist, and cryptocurrency creator. The identity of Pak had always remained anonymous.

But with the recent turn of events, Clapis may be PAK, as he himself has been known to use multiple identities for various projects. However, unlike PAK, he has been forthcoming and straightforward with his identity. 

Yet, Federico Clapis is famous in Italy for using various identities as a part of his performances. If you’ve been a fan of Pak for a long time, this fact will definitely ring a bell.

Clapis became an active NFT artist slightly after PAK entered the NFT space. He is also known to reward his collectors who have invested in him, similarly to PAK, and has a strategic approach to the market.

Although this is not the first time someone has claimed to be Pak, his latest project, Carbon, is a collaboration with multiple artists and celebrities, including pop star Paris Hilton, who is currently making headlines as well. 

Out of nowhere, she also stunned everyone and claimed herself to be Pak in a tweet, which made the whole facade all the way more suspicious.

While there’s so much ambiguity around who is Pak for real, we can entertain ourselves with the fact that Frederic Clapis’ revelation is true to some extent. But then again, Pak’s Twitter bio is a constant reminder of “The Nothing” if not everything.

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