Eyeball Games Partners with Immutable for Web3 Upgrade

Singapore-based Eyeball Games, creators of the hit mobile game 8 Ball Pool, partners with Immutable to introduce a web3-based mobile pool game featuring full asset ownership.
Eyeball Games Partners with Immutable for Web3 Upgrade

According to the July 6, 2023 announcement, Eyeball Games, the Singapore-based studio known for their immensely popular game 8 Ball Pool, has joined forces with Immutable, a leading web3 gaming platform. 

The collaboration aims to bring forth Eyeball Pool, a groundbreaking mobile pool game that embraces full asset ownership, as one of the flagship titles on Immutable’s new zKEVM platform.

With over 1 billion downloads and Guinness World Record recognition as “The most downloaded mobile pool game,” 8 Ball Pool has maintained its popularity over the past decade, boasting more than 10 million daily active users.

Building on this success, Eyeball Games, in partnership with Immutable, seeks to leverage blockchain technology to offer players complete ownership of their digital assets, along with an enhanced gaming experience.

By partnering with Immutable and utilizing its API-based infrastructure, Eyeball Games aims to streamline the development process, significantly reducing both time and costs associated with game creation.

Eyeball Pool is the first of several games to be rolled out on Immutable’s recently announced Immutable zkEVM platform, which enables creators to incorporate advanced trading and game mechanics using smart contracts.

Jonathan Ivarsson, CEO of Eyeball Games, highlighted the advantages of partnering with Immutable’s specialized gaming ecosystem, emphasizing their dedication to improving developer tools, publishing capabilities, and overall gaming infrastructure. Ivarsson expressed excitement about redefining the pool game experience with the help of Immutable.

In January, Eyeball Pool completed a 30-minute sellout mint of 4,001 genesis NFTs called Balldroids Gen 0. Users who missed the drop will soon have another chance. The team is expanding the NFT series with the Balldroid Gen 1, which will act as an early access pass for the game.

Eyeball Games’ collaboration with Immutable marks a significant milestone in the evolution of pool gaming. Through the integration of blockchain technology and full asset ownership, Eyeball Pool promises to deliver an immersive and exciting experience for players when it launches in early 2024.

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