Experience the ‘Noughties Nostalgia’ with Neopets Metaverse Launch

The alpha version of its metaverse will be launched on Friday.
Experience the ‘Noughties Nostalgia’ with Neopets Metaverse Launc

The web3 virtual pet game, Neopets Meta is launching the alpha version of its metaverse for fans to relive their ‘noughties nostalgic experience’. As per reports, the launch will take place on Friday.

As a part of the launch, NFT holders from the ‘Neopets Metaverse’, ‘Pizzaroo’s Unique Pizza’ and ‘Masterpiece’ NFT collections can sign up and use the platform. In September, exciting features will be introduced to allow interactive experiences with Neopets, along with decorating Neohomes and competing with other players.

Here are few updates that one can watch out for :

  • A diverse Neopets customization and care system.
  • Customised Neohomes for designing, creating, and visiting.
  • A brand new competitive combat system
  • Several PvE (Player versus Environment) activities to train and grow your Neopets.
  • Access to Buy, sell, and trade items and accessories in the shops and the P2P Marketplace.

Additionally mini-games like Turmac Roll, Meera Chase and Ultimate Bullseye will also get a web3 make-over.

Neopets Meta will expand its Web3 presence by eventually building a DAO community after the public game launch, which is expected in Q1 of the next year.

About the project, Chief Metaverse Officer Dominic Law said, “Similar to all major technological advancement in the past, it normally takes a few years for the mass adoption to take place.”

He further added that hopefully Neopets Metaverse can be a ‘propelling force’ in helping the public to cross the gap!

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