Ethereum’s Successful Second Holesky Test Network Launch

The launch shows promise, but it hinges on achieving 66% validator participation.
Ethereum's Successful Second Holesky Test Network Launch

The Holesky test network, designed to test significant Ethereum improvements, has been launched successfully by Ethereum developers. It was the second attempt for the launch since the first attempt earlier in the month failed.

The launch was smooth, but more people were needed to make it official. That is, the target was to have 66% of the network validators active.

Holesky will replace the previous testnet, Goerli, which is more popular right now. The newly launched testnet will enable twice the number of validators to participate in the network compared to the mainnet. It has been specifically designed to resolve the testnet ETH supply problems experienced on Goerli.

Initially, the idea was to release Holesky on September 15 to celebrate the one year anniversary of Ethereum’s major energy efficient update. However, it failed because of the technical problem.

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One of Holesky’s key roles in the upcoming Ethereum’s hard fork, Dencun, is to reduce fees on the Ethereum network to give users more bounce.

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