Ethereum Reaches $10B Revenue Faster Than Facebook, Microsoft

It took roughly 7.5 years for Meta to achieve the historical milestone of $10 billion in revenue.
Ethereum Reaches 10B Revenue Faster Than Facebook Microsoft

The second largest blockchain, Ethereum, has accumulated $10 billion in cumulative revenue since its launch in July 2015.

According to a report from Caleb & Brown, Ethereum has achieved this milestone within just seven years, faster than several tech giant companies, including Facebook (Meta) which took more than 7.5 years, and Microsoft, which took 19 years. 

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Ethereum reaches $10B in revenue – Caleb & Brown

Ethereum reaches this revenue through gas fees that users pay to execute transactions on the network. It includes smart contract creation, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transfers, NFT minting, and other onchain activities. 

The blockchain explorer Etherscan displays that Ethereum has processed over 2.1 billion transactions. It has a current market cap of $191 billion, which is the second largest in the crypto industry after Bitcoin, while sustaining its place as the second largest blockchain over the years.

According to data from DeFiLlama, Ethereum possesses the most TVL in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, which currently lays near $48 billion. It peaked at $153 billion in November 2023, in the prime time of the crypto space

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