Ethereum Network Experiences Tenth ‘Shadow Fork’

The shadow fork was obtained 26 hours earlier than occurred with no significant bugs.
Ethereum Network Experiences Tenth ‘Shadow Fork’

Ethereum network has experienced a tenth “shadow fork” that was completed on Tuesday, 26 hours earlier than expected. With this shadow fork, the Ethereum network is getting closer to its shift over proof-of-stake consensus.

Ethereum Merge is scheduled before the end of this year and as a part of its preparation, the Ethereum network is currently going through different kinds of test and shadow forks. Shadow forks are trial runs for Ethereum Merge. 

Shadow forks are mainly performed through copying data from mainnet to testnet to understand the impact of change on the network during an actual network upgrade.

According to data available on Github, the shadow fork took place at 11:45 UTC (7:45 a.m. ET) when Terminal Total Difficulty (TTD) was overridden at 54,892,065,290,522,348,390,492 at block 15217902.

In the entire shadow forking, there were no significant bugs and issues found.

Ethereum’s mainnet upgrade is expected to happen in September. The third and final testnet merge, Goerli, will be performed on August 10. 

The reason behind the earlier execution of shadow work was the clear change in the hashrate or computational power that could lead to faster execution. 

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