Ethereum Layer 2 zkEVM Scroll Launches On Mainnet

One of the earliest proposers of zkEVM has now made it to mainnet after two years long development.
Scroll’s zkEVM Deploys on Ethereum’s Goerli Testnet

Scroll, the zkEVM-based layer 2 network, has launched on Mainnet after two years of development by the team. 

As a security focused Ethereum scaling network, Scroll utilizes zero-knowledge technology, and it was also one of the pioneering entities to introduce the zk-powered EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine).

After nearly 8 months of Scroll going live on Goerli testnet, the much anticipated zero knowledge EVM network is now finally open for developers to build scalable applications for the Ethereum ecosystem.

Scroll has achieved immense success in the testing phase, with it recording over 90 million transactions and deploying more than 450k smart contracts. The announcement  claims that it had an average of 305k daily transactions and generated over 280k zero-knowledge proofs. 

The Scroll mainnet launch follows audits from prominent development firms, including OpenZeppelin, Zellic, and others.

Ethereum users can now start using Scroll by bridging ETH to the network, as it supports ETH as a native currency for operations such as sending transactions and deploying dApps. 

The ZKP (zero-knowledge proofs) ecosystem has been growing rapidly over the past few years as a number of players in the crypto ecosystem have enabled it to unveil broader scalability for Ethereum. Some leading names in this domain include Polygon, zkSync, Consensys, Immutable, and others.

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