Ethereum ACDE 171 Brings Major Updates To The Network

Developers introduce private ETH transactions in the latest edition of ACDE community call.
Ethereum Devs Unleash Private ETH TXs Dencun Devnet More

The 171st Ethereum ACDE has brought major updates to the network, including Dencun’s devnet upgrade, private ETH transactions, and EIP-4788 audits.

Hosted by Ethereum Foundation, ACDE (All Core Developers Execution) 171 was live streamed on September 28 with participation from core Ethereum developers and other members. 

The community call first discussed the launch of Dencun devnet 9, which is estimated for September 29. It includes the specs for the Dencun upgrade to test and finalize its further launch on the mainnet. 

Tim Beiko, the core developer and host, said that Ethereum clients’ are currently focusing on blob transaction, which is to be introduced with the Dencun upgrade. The call also noted the relaunch of Holesky testnet which had previously failed in the first attempt on September 16. 

Developers further mentioned onboarding three auditors – Chain Security, Dedaub and Trail of Bits – hired for auditing EIP-4788. They have confirmed no issue in the initial review with the implemented fixes. 

The major focus was on the introduction of EIP-7503 which enables private ETH transactions on the network. The authors briefed the proposal by describing that users will send ETH to an unspendable address and will re-mint it to another address. 

EIP-7503 – Zero Knowledge Wormholes
EIP-7503 – Zero Knowledge Wormholes

While Tornado Cash users are identified while interacting with its contract, EIP-7503 minimizes privacy leakage “by requiring zero smart-contract interactions in order to send money, so we only use plain EOA-to-EOA transfers,” the author states in proposal. 

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