Epic Games & LEGO Partner For A Family-friendly Metaverse 

LEGO is heading to build a metaverse combining safety and fun in its new presence in the digital world.
Epic Games & LEGO Partner For A Family-friendly Metaverse 

As Microsoft and Tencent make gradual strides towards the Metaverse, LEGO Group, the Denmark-based toy company, has taken a leap by partnering with Epic Games. Together, they aim to delve into the Metaverse and establish a safe and enjoyable digital environment suitable for kids.

Epic Games specializes in crafting immersive virtual worlds, and the beloved LEGO Group has joined the force. This dynamic collaboration ensures a virtual experience that’s not only captivating but also safe for families. 

In a recent triumph, Epic Games, the company behind the popular game Fortnite, reached new heights of success. This achievement paved the way for Epic Games to secure a staggering $2 billion in funding during a round led by Sony and Kirkby at the valuation of $31.5 billion. Following Epic Games’ recent funding round, the company has announced a new collaboration.

While the specific details of the collaboration have not been unveiled yet, Niels Christiansen, the Chief Executive Officer of LEGO Group, offered a tantalizing sneak peek into the upcoming announcement. An exciting announcement is on the horizon, and the global gaming community is buzzing with anticipation. 

As the Metaverse continues to flourish, it’s evident that not everyone is fully embracing it. Nonetheless, the partnership between Epic Games and LEGO Groups signifies a significant step towards creating a family-friendly Metaverse.

However, combining captivating and immersive experiences with the well-being of young users poses a challenge for both organizations. Despite this, their foray into the virtual world will contribute to the widespread adoption of the Metaverse worldwide. 

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