EigenPhi Selects Google Cloud To Simplify Blockchain Transactions

The experts from Google Cloud will guide EigenPhi in selecting the best tool for migration.
EigenPhi selects Google Cloud to Simplify Blockchain Transactions

Eigenphi, a token flow-oriented data platform, has decided to migrate its systems to Google Cloud due to its availability in most regions and industry-leading availability and security to simplify blockchain transactions.

EigenPhi has created a market-leading transaction tool that provides MEV and liquidity on-chain data as well as research that helps Defi stakeholders comprehend blockchain behaviors, structures, and affiliations that affect their interests.

The fact that EigenPhi processes massive amounts of trading data for its website’s real-time tables and charts is another factor in the migration to Eigen. Their algorithms untangle dozens or even hundreds of transfers in a single blockchain transaction, which calls for quick and dependable data processing skills. 

The data management and analytics tools from Google Cloud, such as BigQuery, Bigtable, and Cloud Spanner for data storage, and DataFlow and Pub/Sub for data streaming and processing, can offer these capabilities.

Google Cloud can also boost the business of EigenPhi with the help of experts from Google Cloud who will guide them in selecting the best tool for migration. Eigenphi can take advantage of an upcoming conference, where it can give a speech and receive early notice of new Google Cloud features and releases. 

The CEO of EigenPhi, Xianfeng (Mars) Cheng, said,  “We had to make a firm decision to focus on analytical tools that measure MEV as the entry point of liquidity trading. This is also where Google Cloud played a critical role.”

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