India’s ED Freezes WazirX’s WRX & Tether’s USDT Tokens

Tokens equivalent to Rs 47.64 Lakh found in the WazirX wallet belonged to Aamir Khan and his associates and have been frozen under PMLA.
India’s ED Freezes WazirX's WRX & Tether's USDT Tokens

The Indian Enforcement Directorate (ED) freezes crypto exchange WazirX’s native token WRX and Tether’s native stablecoin USDT in a wallet equivalent to Rs 47.64 Lakhs, around $58,354 under the provisions of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).

According to the press release, the token freeze is “in respect to an investigation being conducted against one Aamir Khan and others relating to the Mobile Gaming Application, namely E-nuggets.”

The ED stated that it had launched a money laundering investigation based on an FIR dated February 15, 2021, filed by Park Street Police Station, Kolkata Police, against Aamir Khan and others under various sections of the IPC based on the complaint made by Federal Bank authorities in the court of Learned Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Calcutta.

E-Nuggets was launched by Aamir Khan with the intention of deceiving the public. Furthermore, the withdrawal from the aforementioned app was abruptly stopped under the guise of various justifications after the public had paid handsome sums.

Following that, even the profile data got deleted from Aamir’s E-Nuggets App servers.

An amount equivalent to Rs 47.64 Lakh was found in the WazirX wallet which belonged to Aamir Khan and his associates, and the same has been frozen under PMLA. 

This information was obtained from an ED investigation, which showed that the accused was transferring the money earned through E-nuggets using WazirX.

The residential property search happened earlier during the investigation against accused Khan, and Rs 17.32 crore in cash was found and confiscated. 

Additionally, the balance of about 85.91870554 Bitcoins, worth $1674255.7, found in the Binance exchange’s account was also frozen. Just two days back, it was reported India’s ED frozen Bitcoin worth $1.5 Million in the same case.

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