Dogecoin and Ethereum Rank in Top 10 Trending News on Google

Dogecoin secured fourth place in the top 10 most searched news on ‘Google Trends 2021’, while Ethereum hit tenth place on the list.
Dogecoin and Ethereum Rank in Top 10 Trending News on Google

In Brief:

  • Google Trends’ ‘Year in Search 2021’ listed Doge and Ethereum in the top 10 most searched news.
  • Doge secured fourth place in the list while Ethereum ranked tenth.
  • Other top three keywords in news category were Afghanistan, AMC Stock, and COVID Vaccine.

Out of nowhere, a ‘meme’ turned into a crypto sensation – “Dogecoin” became the fourth most popular news on Google in 2021. The involvement of Tesla CEO and billionaire Elon Musk has fuelled this unusual cryptocurrency ‘DOGE’ craze. 

Google Trends’ ‘Year in Search 2021,” is proof that Doge has unexpectedly taken over not only the cryptoverse but also the most-valued crypto Bitcoin in terms of most searched keywords. Dogecoin is not the only cryptocurrency that made the list of the world’s most searched terms in 2021 on Google. 

To accompany Doge, Ethereum also stood at rank 10 on the list. Both Doge and Ethereum secured their place amongst the top ten keywords in trending news. 

Google Trends has summed up the results of search activity across several categories including searches, people, games, news, movies, and others. Dogecoin and Ethereum are under the news category. Specifically, Doge was the fourth most trending news, both globally and separately in the United States. Whereas, news related to the query ‘Ethereum Price’ hit tenth place. 

The Google Trends lists’ top 3 news topics were Afghanistan, AMC Stock, and COVID Vaccine, followed by Doge at 4th place. In 2020, none of the cryptocurrencies were on the trending list, making the significant place in top searched news this year is huge progress. 

Elon Musk endorsing Doge multiple times justifies its hype and demand. Though Ethereum came as a surprise, it can not be denied that Ethereum has become more popular due to a large number of NFT and DeFi projects built on its blockchain. Hence, the sudden spike in its price and share in the crypto market is obvious. 

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