Deloitte x NYDIG To Aid Businesses in BTC Products & Services

The companies will work together to provide services including Bitcoin-related products such as banking, loyalty, rewards programs & employee benefits.
Deloitte x NYDIG To Aid Businesses in BTC Products & Services

One of the “Big Four” accounting firms, Deloitte, whose clients include 90% of the Fortune 500 and 7,000 private firms, has partnered with the Bitcoin-focused financial services firm NYDIG. The collaboration aims to assist businesses of all sizes in implementing BTC goods and services.

By leveraging Deloitte’s digital asset offerings, New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) can expand its client base by offering bitcoin products in banking, consumer loyalty, rewards programs, and employee benefits to the consultancy’s customers.

Global financial institutions and banks are increasingly being asked to provide trustworthy exposure to Bitcoin. Deloitte and NYDIG have formed an alliance to help accelerate adoption while ensuring compliance.

Richard Rosenthal, Deloitte’s digital assets banking regulatory practice lead and principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP, said, “The future of financial services will center around the use of digital assets, and we are focused on advising our clients on ways to engage in a regulated and compliant way.”

NYDIG’s previous endeavors include the launch of a solution for those who participated in the Bitcoin Savings Plan, which allows employees of member companies to convert a percentage of their wages into Bitcoin.

Yan Zhao, president of NYDIG, said, “We’ve already started the journey of bringing bitcoin to all by embedding bitcoin wallets into existing user experiences, powering bitcoin rewards programs, and enabling bitcoin-secured lending.”

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