DeFi Project Blur Finance Vanishes with more than $600K

DeFi Project Blur Finance Vanishes with more than $600K

Blockchain security firm Peckshield highlighted a possible $600K rug pull scam as developers behind Blur Finance seem to have disappeared.

Blur Finance is a yield aggregator based on BNB Chain and Polygon. Currently, all of its social media channels have been deleted and more than $600,000 worth of tokens have vanished in the process.

The link to the protocol’s Discord channel displays an “invite invalid” message, and its website is returning an invalid certificate.

According to trackers, Blur had over 754 holders on the BNB Chain. On July 7, a contract was created for integration between Blur and Polygon, projecting annualized yields of some 4,000%. 

The price of the BLR token peaked at 6 cents last week. It fell 99% following the rug pull and is currently trading at $.00064.

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