Decentraland to Host Metaverse Fashion Week 2.0

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken will establish an infinite NFT exhibition with a fashion theme in Decentraland’s metaverse fashion week.
Decentraland to Host Metaverse Fashion Week 2.0

Metaverse platform Decentraland is ready to host the much-hyped second annual Metaverse Fashion Week 2.0 from March 28 – 31, 2023.

The much-anticipated Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 (MFVW23) “will demonstrate the potential of interoperability between open metaverses, and push the boundaries of what digital fashion can mean.”

Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, Miami Fashion Week (MIAFW), DKNY, DUNDAS, Amorepacific, Ben Bridge, Monnier x Republic, etc., are some of the famous brands attending this year’s MFVW.

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Users can witness ‘Dear Vivienne’ – The Digital Design Community Pays Tribute to the Punk Queen of Fashion: in honor of Vivienne Westwood. Adidas’ Virtual Gear NFT becomes a virtual reality for the first time in Decentraland MFVW23 thanks to its newly created Linked Wearable functionality.

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken will establish an infinite NFT exhibition with a fashion theme in the MFVW23. An interactive virtual party hosted by Diesel and HAPE is one of the highlights of the MFVW that will include many wearable NFT airdrops.

Alastair White, a composer, is performing his most recent fashion opera in Dragon City’s Metaverse Opera House to make the MFVW more memorable.

MVFW23 welcomes digital fashion firm DRESSX as a lead curator for the event. The “Phygicode Dress,” a recreation of a classic dress by fashion designer Rubin Singer, is being launched by Phygicode at the fashion week.

The wearable “IoDF Symbol of Change” will be unveiled by the Institute of Digital Fashion at the Decentraland MVFW to draw attention to the unsustainable use of physical fashion.

Vogue Singapore’s digital fashion competition winners will be revealed in MVFW23. Faith Connexion brand ambassador Gavin Magnus will perform music at Faith Tribe to highlight the connection between the brand and both fashion and music.

Giovanna Casimiro, the metaverse producer for Decentraland in charge of its fashion week, stated: “The value of the metaverse exists when the metaverse comes out of its own space, its own existence.”

Casimiro added, “Because if everybody just goes to the virtual and remains there, never comes back, the experience is not complete. I am a big believer that we should be creating those immersive hybrid experiences.”

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