Cyber Shakti: The Divine Feminine Energy of Blockchain

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Mumbai-based multidisciplinary artist Cyber Shakti has been continuously dominating the NFT space and leading the path for other Indian women to explore this sector. 

She’s been in the NFT scene around since 2020, when the community was considerably smaller, with only a few Indian artists huddled together. The Crypto Art India collective was also founded in this manner, with Cyber Shakti being one of the prominent members. 

The Crypto India collective conducted India’s first dedicated NFT art exhibition titled ‘DAZE’ (Decentralized Art Zone) last December, featuring some of the famous names in this industry.

Cyber Shakti’s work combines her travels, photography, glitch art, digital painting, and video loops into a beautifully layered combination.

Cyber Shakti also had the honor of being a part of a number of global communities with varied connections, like the glitch art community, WOCA women in blockchain, protocols, platforms, and so on. 

Her photography and glitch artworks have been shown in galleries in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Goa, and she recently participated at FU: BAR, the world’s largest glitch art festival.

Since 2016, Cyber Shakti has been doing glitch art, but it has been mostly underground and limited to a Facebook group. By definition, a glitch is an error or, to put it another way, something that is broken.

NFTs have instilled in this artform the respect and esteem glitch art richly deserves. She feels it’s admirable that glitch artists make a career from their work.

Let’s check out a few notable and unique NFT creations from Cyber Shakti!!

Colors of India & Streets of Bombay

The Colors of India NFT collection and Streets of Bombay NFT is part of Cyber Shakthi’s photography X glitch art series.

Colors of India & Streets of Bombay

She used portraits of Indian people and their ethical apparel to showcase the true Indian lifestyle and culture.

Currently the floor price of Colors of India collection is 0.04 ETH.

Pop Art

Pop Art NFT collection is a set of 20 artworks which is a combination of glitch art and a variety of colors.

Pop Art

Water Bearer

Water Bearer
Water Bearer

The Water Bearer photograph NFT was shot in Igatpuri, Maharashtra, India.

Feel the Fantasy

In Feel the Fantasy NFT collection Cyber Shakti tries to explore a brand new visual style in storytelling through illustrations and collage.

Feel the Fantasy

Her Inferno

Her Inferno is the latest NFT from Cyber Shakthi dropped in honor of Women’s Day 2022.

Her Inferno
Her Inferno

We had the pleasure to do an exclusive interview with Cyber Shakti, in which she shares some of exciting tidbits about her ventures with us. Let’s have a look!!

What’s the inspiration behind the name Cyber Shakti?

My work is visual poetry written with pixels. Shakti is the divine female energy! I bring various shades of shakti into cyberspace! Hence, Cyber Shakti! 

Being shakti inspires me everyday to be more assertive and to keep wielding my individuality. I love it!

What would you say is your artistic style? Any reason you chose that style?

My artistic style is honest! My art is the SHAKTI version of her surroundings and thoughts manifested through pixels. 

I honestly create when my energy is flowing naturally, in the scenes I take all my skills and brew my own style of visual experiments using glitch, pixels, paints, collages, video and animation! 

Ofcourse, not all at once, I use ingredients that feel just right for the recipe and feel good for my aesthetic palette.

The collection or artwork you’re most proud of?

I am very proud of 2 works – one way or another and golden lining! 

One Way or Another
One Way or Another

They’re both remarkably different, but they are important pieces of puzzle from my life story. Golden lining was also made in collaboration with MOCA – and was showcased in Paris, IRL in December 2021.

What are the other art collections that excites you in this space?

I am a pop-culture enthusiast and I really love following the early veterans like Stellabelle – who has been covering the crypto space since 2017 – She got fed up of Pfp collections I guess and made a satirical collection CRYPTOSTELLAS  777 single edition artworks that are her take on Key events that are forming the crypto culture. She also keeps her collectors very tight, and handpicked, and I was honored! 

Why do you genuinely think NFTs have grown so impactful in such a brief span of time?

People are finding their own individuality and making a living off it! Such opportunities never existed before. It’s the community of people that decides where their NFTs have changed lives in very short spans of time.

What is Daze India all about? What are the organization’s short and long-term goals in this space?

DAZE is a step in making opportunities to bridge the gap between NFT artists & the real world. So many artists deserve their time in the spotlight. Only a handpicked bunch of artists are known to the mainstream audiences.

Also to bring about education and sharing out learnings so far in the NFT realm so that upcoming NFT artists or creators get access to the right set of community & ecosystem in the web 3.0 space. 

DAZE’s long term vision is to identify need gaps in the journey of NFT artists – Media exposure, investors, branding and beyond. 

Is there anything you’d like to say to the emerging and underappreciated female artists in the industry on Women’s Day?

Don’t let them tell you what to do, they’re not your mom. Also, stay strong and find your tribe – female friendships are underrated and no ones going to get your back like your girlfriends can! Embrace your inner shakti, and build a brand before the space gets more nuanced and complex.

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