CryptoDickbutts NFTs Soars 790% in Daily Sales Volume

The climbing daily trading volume of CryptoDickButts caught the eyes of prominent influencers who not only shilled their Dickbutt bags but praised the CDB community.
CryptoDickbutts NFTs Soars 790% in Daily Sales Volume

The Ethereum-based NFTs CryptoDickbutts surged on Sunday, toppling a handful of other notable NFT collections in daily trading volume. The climbing daily trading volume surged 790% at the time of writing to 907 ETH.

The soaring numbers placed Dickbutts to No. 1 rank in daily trading volume, surpassing projects like Goblintown, Art Blocks, and Cool Cats. Moreover, the volume has increased 389% in the past week.

The floor price of CryptoDickbutt from Series 3 currently approaches 3.97 ETH on OpenSea. This marks the highest Dickbutts floor price till now and is up approximately 210% in the past month.

However, it remains at No. 24 in terms of floor price, as per NFT Price Floor. The steady rise of CryptoDickbutts shows the enthusiasm among the NFT community and an uptick in demand for it. While most NFT projects fade out of popularity once they start trending, CryptoDickbutts NFTs have maintained a continuous interest in the space.

Comic book artist K.C. Green created the Dickbutts in 2006 and since then it has become a recognizable part of meme culture. For years it has been shared in countless memes across social media platforms like Reddit. 

A collection first started off with 161 NFTs on Ethereum, later named the OG collection, launched in March of 2021. In August, it was followed up with a Series 3 of 5,200 NFTs. At present, the project has no set road map and is governed by the CryptoDickbutt DAO which has the involvement of notable names such as Steve Aoki, Blondish, and ProbCause.

Well, it’s unclear as to who is behind the sudden surge in prices but it points to Meltem Demirors, Chief Strategy Officer of CoinShares who hosted an “emergency” Twitter Spaces on Sunday. In his recent Twitter Spaces he said, “The Dickbutt community has always been about one thing and that is the universal truth of one D equals one B.” 

He even went on to say that Dickbutts are not about investing but are a culture. It explains a lot about its soaring daily trading volume yet the NFT space is unpredictable hence quenching our curiosity is obvious.

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