Crypto Sleuth Exposes Cameron Redman’s Recent NFT Twitter Scams

ZachXBT revealed that Cameron Redman sold his Twitter panel access to scammers HZ/Chase and Popbob who were involved in 12+ NFT Twitter account hacks.
Crypto Sleuth Exposes Cameron Redman’s Recent NFT Twitter Scams

On-chain analyst and crypto scam investigator ZachXBT reveals that Cameron Redmans is suspected of hacking numerous NFT Twitter accounts and Discord servers over the past few months.

Redman was the same person who was convicted of a SIM swap scam in February 2020, according to ZachXBT. Redman is accused of stealing $27 million in Bitcoin Cash and $17 million in Bitcoin as part of the aforementioned plan.

ZachXBT noted that Redman was also charged with SIM swapping Josh Jones for almost 60,000 BCH and 1,547 BTC. The suspect was taken into custody, but he was still a minor.

Hundreds of small-amount transactions that were started on controlled exchanges (CEXs) very immediately were used to launder the 60,000 BCH, ZachXBT added. 

The majority of the funds were ultimately placed on two significant exchanges. On the other hand, it is claimed that some of the stolen BTC were transferred to CEXs as well as Chip Mixer and Crypto Mixer.

Redman was eventually captured by Hamilton police, who also seized $5.4 million worth of cryptocurrency. The whereabouts of the remaining monies are still a mystery.

ZachXBT claims that Redman reappeared under the alias Antihero and promoted a Twitter panel on the website SWAPD. According to the on-chain analyst’s study, another person who appears to reside in Ontario, Canada, also uses the Antihero username.

On June 26, Antihero received a payment of 230 ETH plus 20 ETH in exchange for lifetime access to the Twitter panel. Nous DAO was compromised a few hours after the payment was made.

The panel was purportedly bought from Antihero by con artists going by the names HZ/Chase and Popbob, implying Redman was involved. Redman allowed HZ/Chase and Popbob access to his Twitter panel, allowing them to hack 12+ NFT Twitter accounts.

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Redman has now deactivated his SWAPD account, according to an update from ZachXBT, and went private with the username on a fresh Instagram account.

HZ is tied to the Discord attacks on Bored Ape Yacht Club, Nansen, Lacoste, etc, and Nouns DAO and NFT whale @franklinisbored’s Twitter hacks. 

Currently, ZachXBT is receiving threatening Twitter DMs calling him racial slurs for exposing the scammers in the sector. The on-chain analyst has always been at the front end to expose bad actors and just last month ZachXBT exposed French phishing scammers that have stolen millions worth of NFTs.

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