Partnered with Matt Damon and for Clean Water Project, a clean water organisation, received a $1 million donation from a digital currency exchange Partnered with Matt Damon and for Clean Water Project

In Brief:

  • Matt Damon and have teamed up with
  • The platform has raised a $1 million gift to help with the mission.
  • is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing people with safe drinking water., the world’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency marketplace, is teaming up with Matt Damon and is a non-profit organisation that provides safe drinking water and sanitation to people in need all around the world. To assist the organisation’s purpose, is raising a $1 million direct donation. It will also start activities to encourage over 10 million users throughout the world to support the cause.

As a result, and will work together to ensure that everyone has equal access to the platforms and life-changing tools that empower self-determination. Through this unique alliance, crypto users from all across the world can join in to support our effort.

Also according to Matt Damon, co-founder of, “It takes innovative companies and smart solutions to solve some of the world’s greatest social challenges, like universal access to safe water.”

In addition, he stated that both and were striving for positive change. And the collaboration’s innovation and financial solutions will help to impact lives and the planet. is a global charity organisation that has improved the lives of over 38 million people by providing safe drinking water and sanitation. Gary White was the one who started it all., founded by Matt Damon, is a leader in market-driven financial solutions to the global water dilemma.

Kris Marszalek, co-founder, and CEO of said that they are very delighted to be partnering alongside Matt Damon and to directly assist their objective. At the same time, they’re urging crypto users all over the world to join in this project.

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