Collectors discover Antimatter in Pak’s’s Matter Tokens

Burning a revealed matter token transforms it to antimatter, though not sure what will happen to an identified matter token when burned.
Collectors discover Antimatter in Pak’s’s Matter Tokens

The NFT collectors of Pak were astonished when they found out something new in the code of Matter. Yeah, the first event isn’t just about the matter tokens. When collectors deep dived into the code, they found that they can create antimatter using matter tokens.

We already know that matter has an on-chain mechanism. If you hold enough mass in your wallet, matter tokens reveal themselves. They are no longer unidentified. And when you remove mass or transfer matter to another wallet, the matter token goes to an unidentified state. 

And now it has been discovered that burning a revealed matter token transforms it to antimatter.

@BrainEmojis, @samedcildir, and @MhxAlt were the first to discover this and have posted an in-depth twitter thread on how they were able to do so.

After this discovery, Pak went on to Twitter and asked everyone, “What do you desire now?”

Should collectors keep Matter separate as a perfect sphere with unlocked potential? Show its beauty with mass? Or Burn it to antimatter to kill its interactivity?

Ownership, you see, is a terrific unlock mechanism, but so is curiosity. 

Pak also warned users to not expect anything from something they can’t even identify. Or we can say that collectors should not burn their matter tokens in an unidentified state. They may never return.

Additionally, Pak warned curious collectors from burning their matter tokens twice, unless and until they want to burn their antimatter.

Pak also said that metadata updates may take time depending on the platform however, blockchain tx is fully complete when it’s complete.

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