CoinW’s Vietnam Telegraph Group Accumulates 100K Fans

CoinW is continuously engaging with new deals and partnerships to boost its global expansion.
CoinW’s Vietnam Telegraph Group Accumulates 100K Fans

One of the notorious crypto exchanges, CoinW is gradually getting a strong grip in Vietnam through its crypto services expansion according to the Taiwan news agency. The recent release stated that more than 100K fans have joined CoinW’s social media account on Telegraph dedicated to Vietnam.

A variety of crypto financial services, including spot trading, futures trading, ETF trading, margin trading, OTC trading, and asset management, are presently offered by CoinW in Vietnam and other Asian nations.

The company commenced its operation in Vietnam in May 2022.

CoinW is striving overwhelmingly for its global expansion. To accomplish its global expansion vision, the exchange has been actively participating in different crypto products and from time to time appeared in international crypto exhibitions.

Furthermore, CoinW has tied up with numerous sports events to promote its product and offerings. In May, it displayed its ads in La Liga and then provided sponsorship for the Kunlun Show in June, which is a world-class martial arts championship.

CoinW was founded in 2017 and successfully created its legacy through maintaining strict technical standards and systematic support of multiple risk controls.

Apart from this collaboration, CoinW also partnered with Hyper Pay, a global digital wallet firm. This partnership is the assurance for the users’ funds as well as platforms too.

Furthermore, CoinW has already pursued the necessary licenses across the globe and is still in the process. This includes Lithuanian Financial Regulatory License, US MSB Financial License, Singapore MAS License, SVGFSA License, Abu Dhabi FSRA Financial License, etc.

This license helps CoinW to stay in line with regulatory compliance and protect its operation from regulatory scrutiny. According to data, CoinW successfully onboarded 7.5 million worldwide users as of the first half of 2022.

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