Coinbase’s layer-2 Base Open Sources Code To Public 

Giving developers additional visibility into the project’s progress is the main motivation for making the code publicly available.
Coinbase's layer-2 Base Open Sources Code to Public

Coinbase’s layer-2 network Base has revealed that it has open-sourced its code repositories and smart contracts to improve accountability and transparency while simultaneously enabling the public to contribute to the project.

Base declared in a blog post on October 19, “By sharing our work openly, we enable the community to track our progress and ensure that we’re living up to our commitments.” It went on to say that open source benefits its onchain future. Builders gain access to a wealth of information, advance previous work, and motivate others in the industry.

The major reason behind this decision to open-source the code is to give developers more insight into the project’s progress. Base announced that all of its scripts and smart contracts are now openly accessible on GitHub.

This gives developers more tools at their disposal to spin up similar functions because they can now evaluate and play around with the code that handles deposits and withdrawals on Base.

A fundamental component of the crypto culture is open-source development. The act of making code publicly available facilitates community auditing, which may expedite the identification and remediation of vulnerabilities and potential exploits compared to internal storage.

Given this worry, Coinbase has offered a reward of up to $1 million for the discovery of bugs, encouraging “security-minded” developers to carefully examine layer-2’s code and keep a watchful lookout for any vulnerabilities. 

Base has made its smart contracts and repository code publicly available. It has also made its website properties, such as,, and, publicly available.

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