Coinbase Expands Perpetual Futures Trading Beyond the US

Perpetual futures trading will be accessible on the Coinbase Advanced webpage, soon available on mobile trading.
Coinbase Expands Perpetual Futures Trading Beyond the US

Coinbase has declared that its qualified clients living in non-US areas can now trade perpetual futures on Coinbase Advance, the company’s dedicated platform for discerning individual traders.

Starting on October 18, traders will be able to bid in USDC, the currency of their choice, on four different contracts encompassing Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ether, and XRP. Each of these contracts will offer up to 5X leverage.

The Coinbase Advanced webpage is the only place where perpetual futures trading will be accessible. However, the company mentioned that mobile trading will be available soon. Coinbase cited that its USDC-funded Liquidity Support Program and Insurance Fund provide sufficient funding for the exchange’s perpetual futures.

In addition, the exchange informed investors that “established and independent” liquidity providers that have undergone extensive compliance evaluations will supply the liquidity on its platforms, negating the exchange’s involvement in market making.

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