Coinbase Announces Repurchase of Convertible Senior Notes

Coinbase will spend approximately $45.5 million in cash to complete the repurchase of the Notes that are due in 2026
Coinbase Announces Repurchase of Convertible Senior Notes

Coinbase Global, Inc. has recently entered into purchase agreements to repurchase a significant portion of its 0.50% Convertible Senior Notes due 2026. The crypto giant estimates that it will spend approximately $45.5 million in cash to complete the repurchases, representing an approximately 29% discount to the notes’ par value.

The privately negotiated purchase agreements were made with a limited number of note holders and are part of Coinbase’s ongoing efforts to deploy capital strategically and create value for its shareholders. 

The Chief Financial Officer, Alesia Haas, emphasized the importance of these repurchases in a statement: “We are always looking for the best opportunities to deploy capital to create shareholder value. This opportunistic repurchase reflects our confidence in our business, strong financial performance in the first quarter, and improved competitive positioning.”

Coinbase has been focused on building a more efficient and financially disciplined company, as outlined in its recent shareholder letter. The first quarter of 2023 was a turning point for the company, and these repurchases align with its commitment to reducing outstanding debt and optimizing its capital structure.

The repurchase transaction is expected to close on or about June 20, 2023, subject to customary closing conditions. After the completion of these repurchases, approximately $1.373 billion principal amount of the Convertible Senior Notes will remain outstanding.

Coinbase had previously entered into capped call transactions with certain financial institutions in connection with the initial issuance of the notes. These transactions will continue to remain in effect despite the repurchases.

Amid ongoing securities case by SEC on Coinbase, it assures to continue to navigate the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency industry, it remains focused on capital deployment strategies that drive long-term shareholder value.

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