Coin Center Advises Senators on Crypto Taxation Framework

Coin Center reached out to Senators Wyden and Crapo on the Finance Committee, presenting recommendations concerning crypto regulation.
Coin Center Advises Senators on Crypto Taxation Framework

A non-profit dedicated to cryptocurrency research and advocacy, Coin Center, finds itself navigating unclear cryptocurrency regulations. Consequently, it has appealed to Congress members for well-defined guidelines, particularly in the realm of taxation.

On August 21st, Coin Center addressed a letter to Senator Ron Wyden and Mike Crapo, both of whom serve on the Finance Committee. Within the correspondence, Coin Center presented recommendations regarding the government’s approach to regulating blockchain technology.

Coin Center underscored the importance of offering clear directives if a nation intends to levy property taxes on cryptocurrencies and impose capital gains taxes upon profitable digital asset sales. 

They emphasized the need for guidelines on calculating the basis and proposed the implementation of a threshold beneath which no taxes would be applicable.

Furthermore, according to the letter, the absence of a “de minimis exemption from capital gains taxation” could result in a cryptocurrency user incurring table events each time they use digital currency to pay for goods or services. This could render cryptocurrencies overly intricate for everyday payment purposes, particularly in innovative “micropayment applications where transactions can be just pennies.”

In the context of cryptocurrency mining, it’s suggested that block rewards earned from mining or staking on cryptocurrency networks ought not to be treated as taxable income at the moment of their generation. “These rewards are best analogized to fruit that has ripened on the taxpayer’s land, crops grown in her fields, or a calf born to her cow.”

It’s important to note that Coin Center has been asking for a small exemption in cryptocurrency rules since 2020, but there haven’t been clearer rules for cryptocurrency taxes yet. 

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