Chase Bank Users Can Choose SHIB, DOGE, BTC For Payment

The integration of FCF and Chase Bank is part of FCF Pay’s Crypto Bill service, which was launched in mid-September.
Chase Bank Users can choose SHIB, DOGE, BTC for payment

FCF Pay, the blockchain payment gateway, has posted on Twitter that it added Chase Bank support to its billing services. This latest move will allow millions of Chase Bank customers to conveniently use their preferred cryptocurrency to pay off their mortgages, loans, or credit cards.

JP Morgan’s Chase Bank serves millions of institutional and individual clients worldwide.  Now, bank users will enjoy the adoption of cryptocurrencies and choose their favorable cryptocurrencies, including SHIB, DOGE, BNB, BTC, ETH, XRP, and many more, while performing regular payments with their banks. 

The FCF Pay’s Crypto Bill service launched in mid-September and allows users to manage their finances and pay bills to over 20,000 major American companies. This list of companies includes Honda, Amazon, PayPal, and many others. 

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