Chainlink Introduces Data Bridge ‘Function’ to Connect Web2 with Web3

Chainlink Function will onboard web 2 API and services on the blockchain-based to boost web 3 development.
Chainlink Introduces Data Bridge ‘Function’ to Connect Web2 with Web3

The decentralized blockchain oracle network, Chainlink unveiled the launch of Chainlink Functions. This serverless platform lets developers link their dApps or smart contracts with web 2 API and run custom computations on Chainlink Oracle Nodes.

However, the beta version is only rolled out on Ethereum Sepolia and Polygon Mumbai testnets. 

Chainlink Function is a ‘missing piece’ for web2 developers to interact with the web3 world while leveraging their existing web2 infrastructure. The first development lets web3 developers link their smart contracts to existing Web2 APIs to access social media signals, AI computation, messaging services, and more.

Giant web2 and cloud services, including AWS, Meta, and Google Cloud, have collaborated with Chainlink Function to embrace and display its potential to developers.

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Chainlink states in a blog post, “Numerous projects are already testing Functions across a wide range of Web3 verticals from AI integrations to DAO governance, including Block Scholes, ChainML, Dopex, Nusic, Thirdweb, and more.”

Web 3 Developers can now build rapid connections from smart contracts to off-chain resources on a self-serve basis without any separate infrastructure. Chainlink Function. 

The function will be pivotal in transforming existing cloud-based serverless solutions such as AWS Lambda, GCP CloudFunctions, and Cloudflare Workers into blockchain-enabled versions.

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