Celestia Mainnet Beta Launch with 580,000 User Airdrop

Celestia prioritizes speed and execution, while monolithic ones can sacrifice decentralization and security for scalability.
Celestia Mainnet Beta Launch with 580,000 User Airdrop

A modular blockchain, Celestia, has launched its mainnet beta, offering its native TIA token to 580,000 users. This blockchain addresses scalability and stability issues seen in monolithic blockchains like Ethereum and Solana.

Modular blockchains, such as Celestia, provide specific channels for speed and execution, while monolithic blockchains often compromise decentralization and security to scale. Celestia uses data availability sampling (DAS) to enhance data transfer speed.

According to Ekram Ahmed, “The industry has now entered a new, modular era with new values, defined by verifiability, abundant block space and collaborative blockchains. Celestia mainnet is a giant leap in our mission to make deploying chains as easy as smart contracts.”

The mainnet beta allows rollups and other modular chains to use Celestia for data availability and consensus. Initially, it features 2MB blocks, with plans for upgrades up to 8MB blocks through an on-chain governance process, aiming to support 1GB blocks in the future.

Celestia’s modular approach and innovative use of data availability sampling make it a promising solution to blockchain scalability and decentralization challenges.

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