Celebrating Queer Creed with Qtopia – The LGBTQ Metaverse

Qtopia - The LGBTQ Metaverse

Pride Month vibes are still lingering around the corner, but there is more to celebrate: the euphoria is spreading to the decentralized culture, bringing the first-ever LGBTQ metaverse, Qtopia.

The LGBTQ community has been making dramatic strides in recent decades that are absolutely worth celebrating. Whether you are one of the members of the community or an ally, the LGBTQ metaverse is here to embrace you all with open arms, hearts, and even doors to the virtual world of Qtopia. 

The LGBTQ metaverse Qtopia is the virtual space by and for the LGBTQ community including LGBTQ-powered businesses and causes. 

With the blend of queer life and realm of endless possibilities, the LGBTQ community can unapologetically be themselves. Qtopia offers a virtual interactive safe environment for queer folks who have long been deprived of their identity and respectable stature in society.

Qtopia: A platform to Be Your True Self!

Qtopia is an open virtual world for LGBTQ individuals and their allies to connect, interact, raise awareness, and meet new people. In fact, the concept of the LGBTQ metaverse is to emphasize equality, diversity, and sustainability. 

The LGBTQ Metaverse created in collaboration between Crypto Blockchain Industries (CBI) and Crypto Meta LLC (CM) is all set to be launched in 2023. Rachel Kimelman and Jordan Weiss of CM are the names behind this venture, while more team members are yet to be revealed. 

This LGBTQ metaverse is a welcoming, accepting, and inclusive community. It offers a safe, and friendly environment where LGBTQ+ people can be involved in matters they care about while giving back to LGBTQ+ causes.

While we already have social media platforms where the LGBTQ community can share their opinions and engage with like-minded people, many have negative experiences due to a lack of a safe and inclusive environment.

On the other hand, the metaverse dedicated to the LGBTQ community brings people together through an immersive space where physical reality is replicated as virtual reality. 

Unlike other social media platforms that often censor LGBTQ content due to biases in the algorithm, Qtopia allows them to build identity freely, go to places, meet and interact with people, play games, participate in events along with plenty of other possibilities. 

Today’s teenagers were born and raised in the Web 2.0 era. Although social media has provided a platform for LGBTQ kids to explore their identities, it has also been a place for cyberbullying and harassment.

Compared to Web 2.0 social platforms, the metaverse is a portal to explore their sexual identities, do real-life activities, engage with a communal queer culture, and socialize with other LGBTQ youths. All this will foster a sense of belongingness and a way to celebrate the LGBTQ community’s unique history, diversity, and culture.

Free from Geographical Boundaries

The majority of environments, including homes and workplaces, are hostile to LGBTQ youths. The Qtopia metaverse offers an ideal environment for metamorphosing into a new version of oneself because of its anonymity and absence of physical limits.

The “rainbow-washing” practice is another issue. Simply put, businesses who do not assist the LGBTQ community more regularly throughout the year but just want to profit off the rainbow Pride colors during Pride month.

In fact, once July arrives, everything resumes as usual with all of the rainbow colors vanished. In the LGBTQ-focused metaverse, Qtopia aims to stop this from occurring.

Instead of “rainbow-washed” metaverses, Qtopia has worked intensively on the shortcomings of major social platforms and brought what our LGBTQ people deserve – Freedom, Equality, and Happiness.

There is no boundary or restriction to where you can go and explore. Qtopia members can choose and customize their avatars, outfits, pets, land, properties, and collectibles that best suit their individual style and aura.

In this LGBTQ+ metaverse, you can get together with friends, make new connections, and enjoy the vast multifarious queer world. 

You can also interact with celebrities, businesses, and causes to have access to exclusive content and learn about the latest product launches and NFTs. There would also be live events in which you can participate with friends and indulge yourself in pride parades, concerts, films, festivals, expos, dance parties, art, environmental initiatives, and more.

How to Enter the Qtopia?

Prior to the full launch, there will be crypto real estate pre-sales. Qtopia is built on four different islands namely Qtopia City, Sapphire Island, Isla De Fuego, and Celebration Island. 

These four islands have a total of 44 districts with names that are significant to the LGBTQ community.

There are 117,264 total land parcels of various sizes that you can merge to form bigger parcels. To participate in Qtopia, you can customize and buy land, a house, or a flat as a way to express yourself with your ideas and vision. 

This also includes the purchase of NFTs such as collectibles, outfits for customizable avatars, digital art, and other limited edition virtual goods. 

Qtopia offers countless opportunities for both individuals and businesses alike. As a non-profit or charitable organization, you can raise awareness of your initiatives and facilitate potential donations. As a company, you can buy land, property, or stores to showcase or provide virtual experiences to members of the LGBTQ community.

As a supporter of a cause, you can join a group to help spread the word, participate in online campaigns, contribute your time, or donate money. If you are a celebrity/influencer, you can buy land, a house, or a Flat to interact with fans, host meetups, and more. 

Qtopia team has already tapped celebrity DJ, TV host, and advocate Joshua Zeke Thomas, son of famous NBA All-Star Isiah Thomas who will interact with his fans and offer an exclusive virtual world experience.

This way anyone interested in the diverse culture can finally feel at home where communities come together to celebrate queer life.

Why should you join Qtopia?

Many LGBTQ people find society uninviting and chaotic in real life, which is why building a secure virtual environment is essential. Not that it is impossible to be welcomed and appreciated in contemporary society, but we must begin somewhere. 

It’s just the beginning. Qtopia will also encourage the community by not only offering them a hangout space virtually but also supporting them financially, as part of the sales will be donated to charities that are meaningful to the community. 

Moreover, there will be a special Qtopia currency, UniQoin, which offers the community access to a unique cryptocurrency dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ businesses both online and offline. 

In terms of entertainment and experiences, Qtopia offers a wide variety of attractions. Beach parties, pride parades, sporting events, concerts, film festivals, dance parties, expos, environmental initiatives, and art festivals are all places where you can socialize and meet new people. 

A theme park, shopping center, fishery, farm, nightclubs, arena, and botanical garden will also be part of the attractions. If you decide to enter this one-of-a-kind LGBTQ metaverse, you would be flooded with options to shape your personal and community experience. 

With this, you can create your own identity and customize your avatar, choose clothes, land, property, pets, and collectibles that reflect your personality. 

You can host and participate in events, play mini-games, start public or private chats, share and display content, and of course own land and real estate. 

As Qtopia will be launched on Alphaverse, which is not a stand-alone ‘Exclusive Queer life experience’ but also connects many other virtual worlds where you can indulge in gaming, music, design, entertainment, societal good, community, farming, fashion and a lot more.

Qtopia is one of the universes in Alphaverse dedicated entirely to the betterment of the LGBTQ folks to offer a secure and safe place to help them explore their identities. 

Say Hello to Feel-good Life!

LGBTQ people realize that it’s not always easy to reveal their sexuality and gender, and they are aware of this before coming out publicly. They experience how it feels when exclusion, hostility, and discrimination is a commonplace in their daily life. LGBTQ people frequently experience less than desirable acceptance, whether at public places or within their own families.

Rachel Kimelman and Jordan Weiss, the co-founders of the former Qutie LGBTQ Social app, have recognized the issues and are now working on developing Qtopia, an LGBTQ metaverse. The metaverse offers an enhanced experience for people to connect with one another and the brands they trust.

The Qtopia project will be supported by partners including the Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative, Hudson Pride Center, Ali Forney Center, Princess Janae Place, Open Finance, Playout Apparel, and Stuzo Clothing.

When we talk about discrimination against queer people, we quickly stumble across the word homophobia. Even though this term is frequently used but is wrong in every sense. People aren’t scared of homosexuals but they are lacking the acceptance. 

Qtopia focuses on building a community that fills in the lack of acceptance and eventually spreads awareness to prevent stigmatization and rejection.

The Final Word

If you are part of the LGBTQ community, don’t hide anymore. Hop on a journey of self-expression with Qtopia. Upload inspiring and relevant content to the cause for everyone to see, create your own community and build awareness to better implement real-life actions. 

Blockchain technology has come to the rescue when everything else is still in chaos to recognize the LGBTQ community. With this, they can openly speak up about their identity in the decentralized space. More importantly, they can leverage the power of their own currency UniQoin and take advantage of all the metaverse has to offer. 

Qtopia, an inclusive LGBTQ metaverse, not only puts a spotlight on the LGBTQ community but makes blockchain accessible to those who may not be aware of the benefits associated with it. The metaverse may not completely overcome the challenges, but it’s a good place to start with.

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