7 Must Have Cat NFTs For The Ultimate Cat Lover

International Cat Day: Here are some popular Cat inspired NFTs that you can buy

First and foremost, Happy International Cat Day! As cat lovers, we can not stop admiring the little furry creature which is the cutest animal on this planet. If you ask 10 people about which animal they would like to have as a pet, it’s for sure that 8 of them will consider having a CAT! Meow. 

Since 2002, the 8th of August has been celebrated as International Cat Day, thanks to the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Having cat as a pet leaves positive impact on human health and it also confers relaxation while being around them. 

These furry little babies have a very playful nature that is sure to leave you smiling ear-to-ear with every interaction or with numerous claw marks on your body, either way we just cannot neglect their cure antics that brighten up our day! 

On this ‘MEOWish’ occasion, let us acknowledge some of the most popular NFTs that are inspired by cats, our lovely angels on Earth. As crypto enthusiasts we have been so overwhelmed by all of these kitty-themed NFTs. Here are some most popular cat inspired NFT Collections that you should know about:

1. Cool Cats

Cool Cats NFTs
Cool Cats

Cool Cats NFT is among the most popular NFT collections within the community. It is a collection of 9,999 curated NFTs launched in June 2021 on Ethereum. 

What started as a comic character, the Cool Cats has now grown as a globally recognized brand of digital collectibles which is displayed in animated contents, games and comics. 

This cat inspired NFT collection has a floor price of 0.6667 ETH with the total trading volume of 143,385 ETH. 

Previously, a leading crypto player Animoca Brands invested strategically in Cool Cats

It has been bought and endorsed by several celebrities including legendary boxer Mike Tyson, actress Reese Witherspoon, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, and DJ Steve Aoki.

The Cool Cats team has announced they will release three games in 2023 and 2024 where these NFT characters will be used.

2. CryptoKitties


Unlike all other Cat inspired PFP NFTs, CryptoKitties is a series of collectibles which is used in playing the video game. 

Users can buy an existing kitty or breed a new one which is different from all other Kitties. There are over 2 million different items in the CryptoKitties collection with a total volume of 70,384 ETH. 

It was supported by the NBA superstar Stephen Curry in collaboration with Dapper Labs to launch a special edition NFT in the collections.

CryptoKitties is one of the first blockchain-based games that was launched in November 2017 by Dapper Labs. 

It raised $12 million in funding from industry leading investors including Andreessen Horowitz and Coinbase.

3. Gutter Cat Gang 

Gutter Cate Gang
Gutter Cat Gang 

The Gutter Cat Gang collection features 3,000 different NFTs with each representing membership in the GCG community. 

The creator of this collection, GutterCat Labs has partnered with numerous other companies including clothing brand Jeff Staple, gaming studio Good Rabbit as well as The Sandbox in spreading digital art and its brand identity further to masses. 

The Cat inspired NFT also partnered with Puma and NBA player LaMelo Ball in releasing NFT sneakers. 

Gutter Cat NFTs are on Ethereum with a total volume of 27,458 ETH. The highest selling price from this collection was for Cat #727, which was sold for 39 ETH in August 2021. 

4. MoonCats

Moon Cats

One of the earliest NFT projects, MoonCats was created in August, 2017. It consists of 25,440 generative pixel art cats on Ethereum. 

The concept behind the project is unique as it portrays that minted cat NFTs are ‘Rescued’ on the blockchain and it will be there as a permanent resident. 

MoonCat holders choose to further customize it with accessories which are added to the NFT every time it changes hands. 

Every MoonCats holder also gets a MoonCat Name Service (MCNS) domain when it’s freshly minted.

It has over 20k ETH in total volume with the current floor price of 0.179 ETH. MoonCats are also featured in Sotheby’s auction.

5. Tubby Cats 

Tubby Cats
Tubby Cats

The colorful and ‘very cute’ cats in Tubby Cats collections are hand-created digital collectibles with 20,000 unique NFTs. 

Tubby Cats are free to utilize art which allows anyone to use its graphics without  the need of owning the NFT itself. 

Tubby Cats have a total volume of 18,491 ETH and floor price of 0.32 ETH. 

This NFT collection came to the attention of the crypto community when a user paid whopping $500k worth of Ether in transaction fees to mint 950 NFTs from the collection.cc

6. MutantCats


MutantCats Collection features 9,999 unique NFTs, it’s created and managed by its community DAO which also operates a treasury of NFTs. 

The DAO treasury holds several NFTs, cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. It was launched on Ethereum in October 2021 with current floor price of MutantCats is 0.13 ETH and a total volume of 16,955 ETH. 

MutantCats DAO has some of the popular Blue Chip NFTs including BAYC #7024, MAYC #8391 and CryptoPunk #9610. The DAO distributes its revenue to Mutant Cats holders in the form of FISH tokens. 

7. Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat NFTs is a unique collection of pixelated cats which is derived from the Nyan Cat meme. Most of the people remember this ‘running cats’ as a game Non-stop Nyan Cat played on nyan.cat. It was a global phenomenon in internet meme history. 

The Nyan Cat collection has only 26 NFT which all are hand-drawn by the artist Chris Torres who first released the Nyan Cat originally in 2011. 

The trading volume and data cited in this article is according to Opensea marketplace.


All of these NFTs are tradable on Opensea, Rarible as well as on other marketplaces. So go explore and find the one you would like to buy. You can also create a Cat NFT on your own with the guide we have shared here. 

Have a good ‘cat’ day and yeah! don’t forget to pat your cat today and every other day.

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