Cardano Founder Hunts UFO: Charles Hoskinson’s Quest

Cardano Founder Hunts UFO: Charles Hoskinson’s Quest

The creator of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, is presently on a quest to locate an unidentified flying object (UFO) or an extraterrestrial object that has apparently crashed near the shores of Papua New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean.

Hoskinson’s endeavor forms a crucial aspect of the Galileo Project, which obtained substantial funding of $1.5 million from him during March. 

Under the leadership of Avi Loeb, an esteemed astronomer from Harvard University, and his student Amir Siraj, the Galileo project has launched an expedition to investigate a celestial body of interstellar origin that entered Earth’s atmosphere as a meteor in 2014.

Excitingly, the Galileo team seems to have stumbled upon a few remnants that may belong to this intriguing entity.

In a tweet dated June 16, Charles Hoskinson himself confirmed his active involvement with the expedition team. He shared that they have already discovered peculiar fragments, including wire pieces, which potentially originated from the crash.

Hoskinson expressed enthusiasm about the ongoing search, emphasizing that there is still a vast expanse of territory to explore. He hinted at further exploration methods, such as employing a sluice sled, to enhance their chances of uncovering more substantial evidence.

In a blog post coinciding with the aforementioned events, Avi Loeb shared an intriguing update. He expressed his satisfaction with the team’s progress, stating, “Fortunately, we have already come across an anomaly: a manganese-platinum wire exhibiting an abundance pattern distinct from conventional commercial products.”

However, it is important to exercise caution at this stage, as it is still premature to definitively ascertain whether these discovered fragments are indeed components of an “interstellar object from our cosmic neighborhood,” as Loeb optimistically envisions. 

Further investigation and analysis are required to establish their true nature and origin. Also, he stated, “Above all else, I am eager to determine whether it was crafted through technological means by an advanced civilization.”

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